What is the Local Offer?

The Local Offer is essentially the provision available for young people with SEND, a requirement laid out in the Children’s and Families Bill 2014 and the revised SEN Code of Practice 2014.

The Local Authority will provide a Local Offer for Northumberland and all schools will produce one for their own establishment. Partnerships of schools may also work together to produce a Partnership offer.

The Local Authority Offer has two key purposes:

•    To provide clear, comprehensive and accessible information about the support and opportunities that are available.
•    To make provision more responsive to local need and aspirations by directly involving young people with SEND, parents and carers and service providers in its development and review.

The Individual Settings offer, designed by schools, and Partnership Offers should also have these key principles in mind.

We aim to provide as much information as possible about all aspects of SEND at Ellington First School in the information provided on this section of the website. 

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