How will school support my child?

Our teachers have the highest possible expectations for your child, and all pupils in their class, and they plan an exciting curriculum that is differentiated to meet the needs of individuals and groups of learners using a range of teaching styles and extensive knowledge of what your child already knows, can do and can understand based on detailed assessments. The school then monitors and tracks the progress of individual children rigorously so that when the need for intervention and support is identified it is quickly put in place.

Support and interventions may include:

• In class support, where an additional adult will help your child to access the curriculum at an appropriate level.
• One to One or small group intervention, where the additional adult works with children individually or as part of a group with other pupils.
• Medical support, where there is an adult with an overview of your child’s medical needs or disability.
• Specialist support programmes, including speech and language, PECS and TEEACH.

To make the most effective use of the additional support that is available in our classrooms teachers and teaching assistants plan together and work as a team and, in addition to outstanding teaching, our successful Ofsted reports praise the quality of our highly trained and highly effective support staff.

Highly skilled teaching assistants provide excellent support, both in and out of lessons, enabling those pupils who have specific needs to make fast progress. (Ofsted, May 2014)

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