How will I know what my child is doing?

It is important that you and your child know what their targets are and how they are performing against those targets. We provide an annual report on your child’s attainment, targets and progress in each curriculum area and provide termly opportunities for consultations with teachers on Parents Evenings.

We also operate an open door policy, which means that staff are also available on a daily basis to discuss any concerns that you may have with regard to your child.

When a child is receiving additional support in school (an intervention) we identify specific targets linked to that support and the intended outcomes. We review progress and share this information with you and your child at appropriate intervals according to the length and nature of the intervention.

For children with more complex needs we may create a Support and Intervention Plan, which we review in writing termly. We may also meet in school to discuss progress from time to time.

For children with a statement of Special Educational Needs, which are about to become Education, Health and Care Plans, there is an annual review held in school that is attended by yourself and all professionals who work with your child.

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