What is Top Up funding?

When a child is failing to make adequate progress, despite significant intervention as well as outside agency guidance, and it is agreed by all those involved that additional support is required, an application can be made to the Local Authority for funding. This is called Top Up funding.

To meet the criteria for Top Up funding the pupil must have had significant interventions which have been reviewed and monitored over a period of time. There must also be a clear, specific intervention required with targets and expected outcomes.

Top Up funding is a time limited resource.

Our school provides support for a range of special educational needs that include:

• Language and communication
• Cognition and learning
• Social and emotional
• Sensory and physical

Interventions that we use to support individual children and groups of learners include:

• Precision Teaching
• Read, Write, Inc.
• Phonographics
• Project X
• Talk Boost
• Numicon
• 5 minute boxes
• Circle Time

Over time, those pupils who have been identified as having a special educational need or disability have notably shown outstanding progress from their starting points. The impact of extra support from early on, and excellent support from highly skilled teaching assistants, are key factors in driving this strong progress. (Ofsted, May 2014)

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