The Children's University

All of the children and their parents were invited along to a special assembly on Monday to explain the 'Children's University', which everyone has had the chance to apply for. 

IMG 4660 IMG 4661

The Children's University is a national programme which rewards young people aged 5-14 for their involvement in activties outside of the normal school day, for example school clubs, sports or dance classes or even visits to particular public places.

All of the children at Ellington Primary School have been given the chance to get their "Passport to Learning", which allows them to take part, for free! These passports will be used by children who have applied to record any activities they take part in. 

If they reach 30 hour's worth of activities, the children will be able to attend a graduation ceremony to celebrate their achievement. During the assembly, a few of the children got a taster of what this might be like... 

IMG 4665 IMG 4670

Good luck to all of the children who have decided to take part! 



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