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School Attainment Data

For the most recent school performance table as published by the Department for Education, please click here.

The above link will take you to the school’s published data, which relates to the performance of the first cohort of children to leave the school at the end of Key Stage 2, having completed end of key stage assessments (SATs) in Year 6.

We are of course mindful of questions that the data raises and are aware of areas in which we can improve, as has always been the case, and we will continue to address them in our pursuit of excellence and our mantra of ‘Education without Compromise’.

We do feel, however, that the data viewed in isolation and without knowledge of the context of the school does not give an accurate reflection of the tremendous progress that our children make, both academically and in terms of their social skills and emotional health and wellbeing. We have been able to prove this to inspection teams over an extended period of time by presenting the story behind that data.

Due to the inclusivity of the school and the needs and barriers to learning of a significant number of its children, the attainment of the children in terms of data has always been lower than you may expect from an outstanding school. This continues to be the case, even though the data is now progress rather than attainment based, and gives a very different picture to the one that is found in school. A picture that is commented on by all visitors and of which the children, staff, parents, governors and community are immensely proud.

In addition to its inclusivity, it is also vital that the data is viewed in context of the school in terms of its geography, demography and evolution to a primary school in a Local Authority with a mix of 2 and 3 tier partnerships.

The cohort of children on which the current data is based for example is 18, which is almost 50% less than were in the same cohort at Year 2. This was as a result of children moving to middle schools in other partnerships, as many children did prior to Ellington becoming a primary school. In addition to this, only 15 of the children in the cohort actually sat the tests on which the data is based but they are all included in it.

We will face similar issues with regard to our published data for the current year, in spite of the fantastic work that our children are producing, as there are currently only 13 children in this cohort.

Please take the time to view some examples of their work here.

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Literacy: Non-fiction writing linked with history curriculum


Mathematics: Paired investigation work

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Mathematics: Geometry work