Mainstream Curriculum

he school currently teaches from the National Curriculum that has been in place since 2014. The school has always adapted the National Curriculum in line with the needs of the children in the school, and in light of two major government initiatives, which are ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’ and ‘Every Child Matters’, this ensures that the children are delivered a high quality, rich and diverse curriculum. The topics listed in the documents below show the way that we currently use a thematic approach to deliver the National Curriculum. Hopefully this will enable you to support your children at home in their current and future topics. We have also listed some suggestions for websites that you might like to explore.


Teaching of Literacy, Mathematics, Science and Foundation Subjects

The following documents are curriculum maps that outline the different areas covered across whole key stages. Click on the name of the document to download it in .pdf format. 

Key Stage 1: English, Maths and ScienceP1040435
Key Stage 1: Foundation subjects
Key Stage 2: English, Maths and Science
Key Stage 2: Foundation subjects

Click here to download a useful document from Rising Stars that explains changes in the 2014 curriculum to parents of children in year 1 to 6, and is relevant to what we teach to each year group. 

Mathematics: Medium Term

We use a resource called Abacus Evolve for the teaching of maths across the school. For a more detailed yearly overview on each yeargroup's maths work, click on these links. 

Abacus yearly overview: Year 1
P1040440Abacus yearly overview: Year 2
Abacus yearly overview: Year 3
Abacus yearly overview: Year 4
Abacus yearly overview: Year 5
Abacus yearly overview: Year 6


Literacy: Medium Term

Literacy is taught both discretely and though cross-curricular topic work. Click here to see overviews of literacy medium term plans.

Key Stage 1: Year 1
Key Stage 1: Year 2

Lower Key Stage 2: Years 3 and 4
Upper Key Stage 2: Years 5 and 6

Reading Schemes

We currently use a mixture of reading schemes to teach reading across the school. The 'Read Write Inc' phonics programme is introduced to children when they first enter reception, and they continue to access the related books and resources into Key Stage 2 if needed. 

If you would like to look at a Powerpoint Presentation explaining the rationale behind 'Read Write Inc', please click here. 

The children work through sets of home-school 'readers' which come from a mixture of schemes including Rigby Star and Project X. For more information on the way we teach reading, please see the 'Tips for Helping at Home' section within the 'Parents' menu. (Click here to access directly). 

Key Stage 1 are using the Project X scheme in accelerated reading interventions. These books are engaging with exciting themes that appeal to both girls and boys. 

Children who require more intensive interventions for phonics in lower and upper Key Stage 2 have access to a range of more appropriate age-related texts through the Phonographix programme, which uses the 'Magic Belt' series of books. The content of these books is not only age appropriate, but are also appealing to boys. 

Documents outlining topics for 2017-18 (foundation subjects)

Key Stage 1: Years 1 and 2
Lower Key Stage 2: Years 3 and 4
Upper Key Stage 2: Years 5 and 6
PSHE, SMSC, SRE, Health and Wellbeing and RE (Whole School)

Useful Websites Search for any topic or area of the curriculum, and this website links to other sites where you can find out more. A really helpful resource. This is the main homepage for the BBC Bitesize resource, which contains engaging information and activities on a whole range of subjects relevant to the Primary curriculum.