P.E. and Sport Premium

P.E. and Sport Premium

The Government provides £150 million per year to schools to spend on improving the quality of P.E. and sport. The funding is ring-fenced, which means that it can only be spent on P.E. and sport. Each school receives a lump sum of £8000 plus £5 per pupil in Y1-5. At Ellington Primary school we received £8555.00 in 2016-17.

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Specialist teaching and support purchased through the sport grant will ensure long-term high quality sports teaching as permanent members of staff have shadowed those delivering the sessions, with a view to delivering similar activities in the future and improving their current teaching. Access to a fully qualified P.E. teacher has also enabled us to develop our P.E. curriculum, particularly upper key stage 2 P.E. since the move to primary education at Ellington, and the extension of our PSHE programme to include sports leaders in year 5 and 6. 

Equipment purchased will also ensure that the wide range of activities currently available to the children can be sustained in the future. 

The high quality swimming provision that has been subsidised will give the children life skills that are important in the area in which they live and, along with extra curricular activities and competitions, will provide links to sports clubs that they may access in the future.