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Ancient Greek Extravaganza!

Thursday, 05 April 2018

IMG 4990

Miss Willcock's year 3 and 4 class recently had an Ancient Greek day to tie in with their topic work. Miss Willcock told us all about it...

"In the morning we did art activities, making Greek theatre masks, leaf head garlands and learning about the Greek alphabet. We also made olympic torches."

IMG 4938 IMG 4939

"In the afternoon, Mr Vardy opened our olympic games ceremony by lighting our torches."

IMG 4952 IMG 4954
IMG 4955 IMG 4960

"We did a lap around the school to mark the beginning of the games."

IMG 4968 IMG 4971
IMG 4972 IMG 4974


"Our olympic games included horse racing, javelin and running races."

IMG 4992 IMG 5010
IMG 4997 IMG 5003

"We ended the day with a Greek feast."

IMG 5019 IMG 5020

Why not have a closer look at the children's brilliant costumes in the gallery below?


Miniband Woodhorn Trip

Friday, 23 March 2018

IMG 4825 

On Tuesday, our school brass miniband (a band of brass instrument players from year 5 and 6) got the opportunity to visit Woodhorn museum, where they were able to work on the arts award that they are all aiming to achieve this year.

The children got the chance to explore the museum, especially looking at the paintings and thinking of ways they could express the art in the form of music. They created drama based around the mining history of the area, and used their brass instruments to add to the atmosphere.

What a great experience - well done to the miniband!

IMG 4807IMG 4808IMG 4812IMG 4813IMG 4810IMG 4809

First Aid Essentials

Monday, 12 March 2018

DSCF1706The year six children recently did some first aid training at school, which is a valuable skill for them to take with them from Ellington Primary School! They were able to apply bandages, as well as learning about the recovery position and giving CPR.

Have a look at some photos below!