Year 5/6 Web Designers

web clipartIn computing this year, upper Key Stage 2 children have been learning how to write different sorts of code. Last half term they focused on html so that they could create their own websites - this is a special coding language that real web designers use, and is very complicated! 

All of the children picked a topic that interests them, wrote about it and then combined their text and images in a page of website code. You can see the finished websites by clicking on the links below! 

(Some of the children's websites aren't quite finished and will be coming soon - keep checking back!)


 Click here for Ella and Lucy's website about Disney

Click here for Emily, Grace R and Sophie's website about dogs

Click here for Finley's website about Lego

Click here for Grace M and Robbyn's website about art

Click here for Jayden and Josh M's website about music

Click here for Josh H and Jack S's website about Pokemon

Click here for Luke, Ryan and Liam's website about Rocket League

Click here for Thomas and Jack T's website about karate 

Click here for Aaron, Xan, Jake C and James's website about technology

Click here for Charlie's website about X Box 



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