Year 4 Ford Residential 2017

Blog written by Lucy, Jack S and Robert

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Lucy: Today y5s have interviewed y4s for what they did at Ford Castle which in case you do not know about Ford Castle is a 3 day, 2 night residential which involves loads of enjoyable activities such as the leap of faith, crate stack, zip wire, Jacob’s Ladder and much more.


Robert: I have listed all of the activities that year 4 did over the trip.





  •  Fencing


  •  Zip Wire


  •   Jacob’s Ladder





  •    Castle Tour


  •      Postman’s Walk


  •      7-Mile Walk to Etal Castle/Hide ‘N’ Seek


  •     Crate Stacking


  •       Disco; All Groups Meet Up For Music





  •        Night Line


  •        Archery


  •        Leap Of Faith


  •         Travel Back Home/ Bus Back To School :)


They also hid In The chimneys At Etal, I found that funny when I interviewed a handful of year 4s for this writing today.




I interviewed Mylo about his experiences at Ford.



Q.   What did you do on the evenings?


A. On the first night, we all joined together and then got split into small groups and ran around looking for clues that led us to a treasure chest. After that, we all returned to our dormitories and got showered and changed into our pyjamas. Then we went downstairs to hot chocolate, marshmallows and cake. Meanwhile, we watched we did during the day. On the second night, we enjoyed a disco and a tuck shop next to a pool table. And repeated the movie and hot chocolate before going to bed.



Q.Which staff came with you?


A. Firstly, there was Mr Stewart, Mr Robinson, Mrs Hope, Mrs Vardy and Mr Vardy came on the last day.


Q. Did anyone complete the leap of faith?


A. I am very impressed that most people completed the leap of faith by grabbing the trapeze and actually caught it!


Mylo also commented, “I really enjoyed fencing and the zip line because I was experienced at fencing and the zip line because it helped me overcome my small phobia of height.”


Jack S: I asked Ryan A.R. about his  residential trip to Ford Castle. He said his favourite bit about Ford Castle was the leap of faith because it’s nerve racking.

I asked if anything scared him. He said “yeah when a woman said someone had an affair in the castle then died in the castle.”

Then finally  I asked the least most favourite thing he had done, and he said the bus ride because it was the most boring thing he’d ever done.

I found it really interesting finding out about other people’s opinions compared to my own opinion.


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