A Royal Response!

IMG 20171124_152532933A couple of weeks ago, the year 5 children were busy writing letters to The Queen and Prince Philip, to congratulate them on their 70th Wedding Anniversary, which was on the 20th November.

Here are a few of their letters from the display in the classroom:

IMG 20171124 152658680IMG 20171124 152716056IMG 20171124 152739860 BURST000 COVER TOP

Mr Fernandes sent the cards off, and excitingly, on Friday the children got a reply from Buckingham Palace! They received the following letter from Susan Hussey, one of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting:

IMG 20171124 152541739IMG 20171124_152511058The text in the photo is a bit unclear. The letter reads: 

To: The Children in Year Five, Ellington Primary School

The Queen wishes me to write and thank you for the letters which you have sent on the occasion of the seventieth Wedding Anniversary of Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh.

The Queen was very touched by your kind messages of support and greatly appreciated the sentiments you have expressed.

I am to thank you, once again, for your thoughtfulness in writing as you did. 

Susan Hussey

Lady in Waiting


  And they also got this lovely card. 

IMG 20171124_152532933

What thoughtful letters year 5, and the Queen was obviously very impressed with them as well! 

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