Eddie the Elf

IMG 1353On the 4th December Eddie the Elf arrived into Miss Willcock's class. He began his mischief by climbing up the Christmas tree! Everyone was very excited to come in and see what new tricks Eddie had been up to! Some of Eddie's mischief included building a snowman with toilet roll, stealing candy from the advent calendar, swinging from displays and having a nap in some tissues! He even broke his leg! 

On the last day of school Eddie left a very special surprise - he had wrapped up all the tables, made a snow angel and left through a magic door.

IMG 1353 IMG 1352
IMG 0280 IMG 0281
IMG 0282 IMG 0289

All the children completed fantastic storyboards to document what the elf had been up to. They also wrote brilliant newspaper articles! 

IMG 0290

IMG 0291

IMG 0292

IMG 0293

IMG 0294

IMG 1353

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