Mrs Underwood's Class News

SDC11339Mrs Underwood's Year 2 class have had a very busy first half term! 

Have a look at what they have been up to:

SDC11380 SDC11381


In literacy, they have used the story of 'Oliver's Vegetables' to explore different vocabulary types (adjectives and verbs). The children described the appearance of each vegetable and used exciting verbs during a practical tasting activity. The children created excellent re-tellings of the story as well. 

 SDC11339 SDC11347   SDC11342
 SDC11370  SDC11371

In art, they have been learning about the artist Kandinsky. They learnt about primary colours, and mixed them to create secondary colours. They used what they had learnt to create a circles painting in the style of the artist. They had a great idea - putting the designs onto pebbles so that they could be used as paperweights! 

 SDC11376  SDC11378

In science, the class have been learning about Animals including Humans. They combined science and numeracy learning, by drawing around each other on the yard using chalk, and then measuring using non-standard measures. They then had a discussion about accuracy and fair testing. 

Keep up the hard work, Year 2!