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Gymnastics Superstars

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

We are extremely proud of our year 3/4 gymnastics team, who went to a competition between local schools recently and came in 2nd place! 

They worked extremely hard on their routines and were great representatives of our school. 

Have a look through the pictures below to see Josie, William, Josh, Sophie, Leah and Finley in action! 


IMG 4677

Summer Games 2017

Friday, 30 June 2017

Northumberland Games blog written by Ella and Josh M


IMG 0102



This blog is all about the Northumberland Games on 22.6.17. Ellington was in Hockey, Golf and Tag Rugby. I will be writing about hockey and golf.





IMG 0024


Today I interviewed Emily B about the school games and she said that they came 5th out 6 teams which is amazing! She also said that she enjoyed it very much being part of the golf team.



I also asked Emily B what her favourite part of the games was. She said, “taking part and not raining, haha!” The last question I asked Emily was at the end of the day were you glad you took part? She said, "Yes becuse this is my first summer games."



Names of people on the golf team:




Tom .T


Logan. P

Lucy .N

Paige .g



Emily .B





IMG 0012


Also at the summer games we did year 5 Hockey and we came 4 out of 6. First I interviewed Adam about the hockey and then I interviewed Jack T. I asked Adam what was your favourite bit about hockey? He replied, "scoring goals for the team." Then I asked him how many goals were scored, and he said "Eleven, roughly." I asked Jack what was your favourite bit and he said "Playing hockey." I asked him whether he would do it again and he said "yes, definitely."


Names of people on the hockey team:


Adam T

Josh M

Jack T

Ella J

Jessica L

Emily D




Tag rugby year 3/4


IMG 0089


Names of people:


Sam H

Alex R

Brandon R

Daniel C

Cameron L

Ryan S

Daisy W

Millie D

Astrid J

Alexis R


Year 3/4 came 2nd out of 6 and got silver medals. Daniel said that the thing he enjoyed the best was taking part because it was his first Northumberland Games and he said that the team were really hard to beat but it paid off for the Y3/4s as they came came second out of six teams. Daniel only scored one try because he was off for two games.



Year 5/6 tag rugby  


IMG 0026


Names of people:


Ryan S

Jack Sp

Jake D

Luke S

Aaron D

James O

Thomas H

Josh H

Robbyn W

Anna T

Grace M

Sophie M


I interviewed Thomas today about the year 5/6 tag rugby. They came third out of 6 teams and Thomas said that his favourite part was playing against Morpeth and Ponteland, also he enjoyed the music at the start of the Northumberland Games. 


 IMG 0093







Practical PE for upper KS2

Friday, 30 June 2017


The PE lessons this year have been really interesting. Not only for pupils but also for teachers. Also we have gone from football to dance to gymnastics to tag rugby to hockey to tennis to athletics.


There are 5 school games mottos:






Mr Robertson the PE teacher is really passionate with PE so he makes sure everybody tries their very best and takes some pride into what they do at all times. Lately, we have been doing athletics and running many laps at a time, which was very challenging.


The lessons last the whole morning. The first half an hour is the mental half and when we go out for an hour it is the physical fitness part. First, we warm up with some little sharp movements, set some speed and agility hurdles and set some simple obstacle courses for each house team to try it out.





'Step' Is the most important thing in P.E because…


The S stands for Space because if you don't have much space you can't react as quickly as you normally would.


The T stands for task. A core task can be to score a goal or to run 200m.


The E stands stands for the Equipment, equipment is key for training to be the best for example you could have: bean bags, cones, hurdles and hoops.


The P in Step stands for Personal,which means organisation of personnel.


So when your'e doing P.E always remember Step because it is the most important thing in P.E.



My Favourite Section of P.E was Tennis. We spent a whole 6 weeks on it, which really helped my backhand skills and my forehand skills. I am really enjoying Athletics right now, yesterday we all ran 600m, which for some of us was a challenge but some people took the challenge on like a boss.



I think I least enjoyed gymnastics but it was fun to see what I could do, I could nearly vault.


Our P.E teacher Mr Robertson is probably the most passionate person about sport I've ever met. I am now way more passionate about sport than I was at the start of the year...



In Gymnastics, we had a chance to vault and we had a chance to do little Gymnastic sequences in small groups, which was so much fun even though I am not good at gymnastics but I thouroughly enjoyed it.


Dance was really good. I got a massive surprise when Mr Robertson told us we were going to learn to dance to Black Eyed Peas-I’ve got a feeling. It was really good and everyone enjoyed it.



So let's talk about the latest P.E lesson we are doing now. It is athletics and next week is sports day so we are practising in P.E. We are doing quite a lot of races and quite a lot of different sports. This is our last P.E term and we are probably finishing with athletics.



Tennis was really good and everyone enjoyed it. Adam T said “It was great to learn about a sport, which isn’t as loved as some sports." We spent 6 weeks on Tennis, which boosted everyone's skills.


We only spent 2 weeks on football,which is shorter than normal.We learnt how to create a great movement and how to perfectly control a ball.



Here are some pics of us in action and some great pictures of peoples gymnastic skills.




This is Jayden C and Adam T doing a gymnastic pose.




Wow! This is Abi C,Jessica L and Grace M doing the most amazing pose I think i’ll ever see.




This is James G and Robert E doing a great pose,which looks extremely hard they are stacked on top of each other but not literally.


Some other pictures: