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School CouncilThe School Council has traditionally been made up of representatives from years 2 to 4, plus teaching and support staff. Children on the School Council have been encouraged to think about the qualities needed to fulfil this role. There are many different roles that they could apply for, such as chairman, secretary or treasurer.

We value the children's ideas and the School Council has been an excellent opportunity to consult with class members for new initiatives.

The School Council met regularly, during or outside of school time, depending upon the issues being discussed. 

As part of our transition to primary education, the introduction of year 5 prefects etc, the School Council has not met this year and will be reconstituted next year when we will also have year 6 children. In the absence of the School Council, however, groups of children have been selected to represent the school in meetings with stakeholders etc which has included year 5 prefects meeting with the governing body to report on life in year 5 and the extension of the school. 

Previous School Council News

The School Council had a special meeting with Ken, one of our local community police officers. They gave him a school calendar and invited him to come along to some of our special Christmas events. Billy did a great job chairing the meeting and James was the secretary.

Here are some pictures. 

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Parking around the school

*Latest Update! 8th March 2012*

We have received a reply from Sir Alan Beith MP! Click here to read it.


carsAre you parking safely? 24th February 2012

Mr Vardy, the School Governors and the School Council have recently written to our local MP, as well as employees of Ellington and Linton Parish Council and Northumberland County Council, to make them aware of issues with the parking around the school.

You can read copies of the School Council letters by clicking on the envelopes below:

Letter to Sir Alan Beith MP


Letter to Mr Reed at Northumberland County Council
Letter to Mr Appleby at Ellington and Linton Parish Council

We hope that they will respond and help us out with the issues we are facing with the number of cars being parked around the school. However it would be really helpful, if you feel as strongly as we do, for you to write to these people as well! The more letters they receive, the more they will be aware of the problems and hopefully improvements will be made.

Click on the letters above if you would like to find out their contact details.

Thank you for your help!