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After School Clubs

Cookery Club – 2 Dec


Well the penultimate week had lots of crushing of ginger nuts; do you realise how stubborn ginger nut biscuits can be when you are trying to crush them!  Once crushed to within an inch of their lives, butter was generously poured in and made a delicious base.  For the topping to our Key Lime Pie, we mixed, grated and whisked.  Our final products could have been sold in M&S!


The final week reminded me of the saying, ‘never work with children and animals’; I’ve changed it – ‘never work with chocolate!’  Salted pretzels were crushed this time, mixed with sugar and coated in butter for a divine base.  Chocolate was melted and then mixed with cream cheese, cream and cocoa powder to make a Salted Pretzel, Chocolate Cream Pie.  Then decorated with some swirls (!) of whipped cream.  Fingers crossed that it tasted delicious.