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Merry Christmas from Reception!
17th December 2021

We have had a very exciting two weeks in Reception. We have been reading and learning about the story Cinderella. We made our very own invitations to a Fairy Tale Ball! We have also been learning about The Christmas Story. We sequenced and retold the story. Our classroom is set up as Santa’s workshop including a wrapping station, a design station and a make it station. It has been so much fun exploring! We have also been getting creative with our Christmas crafts! In Maths we have been recapping everything that we have been learning this term.


We had a huge mystery… Letters with our names on were scattered next to our post box in the classroom. Miss Robinson was very confused at how they had got there! One of our Reception children had an idea. She said that we should check the school cameras to see if we could find out how they got there. We asked Mr Hodgson and he checked the cameras. You will never believe what we found. Santa Claus was in our classroom! He dropped the envelopes. Inside the envelopes was a card from Santa telling us that he had received our letters that we posted. We were very excited!


We had such fun in our Christmas party and enjoyed our yummy Christmas dinner!

In PE this half term we have been doing gymnastics. Mr Robertson said that Reception have been fantastic in PE and all of the children have been trying very hard.


Reception have had a fantastic first term!

Merry Christmas!

3rd December 2021
What a busy two weeks we have had in Reception! We have been reading and learning about ‘The Gingerbread Man’ story. We started our learning by sequencing and retelling the story with the puppet props. We then thought about the different animal characters in the story. We drew a picture of the different characters and described what they looked like. We also did some super writing. The Gingerbread Man gets eaten by a fox in the story so we came up with some different ways of how the Gingerbread Man could cross the river safely. First, we all made our own bridge and tested it out, making sure it would be safe for him. We then did an experiment, we looked in our classroom at different items and put them in water to see if they would float or sink and which would be best to make a boat. The children came up with some fantastic ideas so we put some gingerbread men biscuits in the boats and into the water to see if the boat was safe. We were busy in our classroom when we saw something outside… It was the Gingerbread Man running around our yard with a basket! We were super excited and went outside to investigate. In the basket it was full of ingredients and a letter asking us to make some of our own gingerbread men but there was a problem! The instructions of how to make them were not there. We worked together to write the instructions. We then followed the instructions to make our very own gingerbread. It was so much fun!

 In maths we have been learning about 1 more and 1 less. For one more, we used the song ‘One Elephant Went Out to Play’ counting on one each time and representing the elephant with the correct number and cubes. For one less, we used the song ‘5 green bottles’ identifying one less each time and representing the bottles with the correct numbers and cubes.


Another activity which we have really enjoyed this week has been looking through the Argos catalogue and making a list to Santa Claus! We even drew and wrote what we would like. Miss Robinson put all of our letters into an envelope and we went to the big post box and posted our letters to Santa!


You can see more of what your child has been learning on our School 360 Learning Journal. You can also upload activities that you have been doing at home!

19th November 2021
We have started a new topic called ‘Tell Me a Story’ this half term. We will be reading and learning about a range of different stories and nursery rhymes over the coming weeks. Our first story that we have been learning about is Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We sequenced the story and used character masks to retell the story. On Monday, when we got back from playtime there was a note on our board telling us to go to the Studio. When we got to the Studio there was a letter, 3 bowls, porridge, jam and honey. The letter was from daddy bear and it said that he left us some porridge to try and we could pick which topping we wanted. We made a chart to see which was the favourite topping. In the letter it asked us to write a description of the porridge. We did some fantastic writing!


In Maths we have been learning about an artist called Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky used many different colours in his work and especially used triangles and circles. After looking at his work we then created our own Kandinsky style artwork. We also made an obstacle course and had to safely complete the course whilst using positional language such as through, under, over and around. We have been looking at different ways to represent numbers 4 and 5 with objects from our classroom.


5th November 2021
We have had an exciting week in Reception! The firefighters visited our school to tell us about their role and how to stay safe on Bonfire Night. We then got to look at the big fire engine and all of the equipment. We got excited when the firefighter put on the blue flashing light and the siren. In Literacy we designed our own firework and wrote words relating to fireworks such as pop, bang and fizz! We also experimented with the different coloured paint and glitter to make firework pictures.

We have enjoyed learning about a special celebration called Diwali. Diwali is the Festival of Lights and many rituals and traditions in the event include light. We made our very own lantern and paper plate lamp craft.


In Maths we have been representing numbers 1, 2 and 3. We used items from our classroom to show how we could make the different numbers.

15th October 2021
We have been doing some exciting activities in Reception over the last two weeks. In Literacy, we have been reading and learning about the story ‘Supertato’ by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet. The evil pea character in the story gets up to all sorts of mischief. He has even been causing mischief in our classroom when we have not been at school. We created wanted posters and painted some pictures to stick around school to see if we could catch him. We also created our own superhero and talked about what superpowers they had.
In Maths, we have been comparing. We tried very hard to use our maths language ‘long’ and ‘short’ when comparing the measuring worms as well as ‘taller’ and ‘shorter’ when building our cube towers. We have also been doing lots of activities about repeating patterns. We made our very own Autumn repeating pattern with the items we found outside. One of our favourite activities was making repeating patterns out of food.
We really enjoyed making step by step instructions on how to make an Autumn biscuit. We mixed the ingredients together, carefully rolled out the mixture and used Autumn leaf cutters to make shapes. Once the biscuits had cooled down we made some icing. They were delicious!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed ‘Wheels to School Week’.