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17th of December 2021

Year One have been continuing to enjoy our Christmas story of Little Robin Red Vest. We have enjoyed acting out the story and loved dressing up as the different characters. We have been doing some artwork to go along with the story.  We explored using watercolour paints and watercolour pencils. Mr. Robinson has been very kind and has helped us all week to make the rest of our bird boxes. We are putting them up in the school grounds.

In mathematics, we have been comparing numbers and ordering groups of objects. We have enjoyed finding out about ordinal numbers and have been trying our hardest to recall them in the song we are learning to sing “The Twelve Days of Christmas.”

We have been busy doing fantastic counting and matching numbers with the correct amount in our magic maths tasks.

 In our RE lessons we have been finding out about the nativity story. We have looked at how we feel when we receive a gift that is special to us. We then thought about the gifts given to Baby Jesus. We thought about what we might give to the baby.

The whole class were fabulous at the Christmas party and we had great fun playing games and dancing. We all joined in and everyone was very kind to each other. We all met the recognition board target of being merry this week. We are all exhausted after so much fun and are looking forward to our holidays. It has been a pleasure to work with year one this term and we are already looking forward to our new topics in the Spring Term. Thank you for all of your hard work. Best wishes to you and your family.

3rd of December 2021

Year One have been enjoying our new story Little Robin Red Vest.  It is a lovely story about a very kind little robin. This story fitted in well with our recognition board focus of being kind to others. We also watched the animation “Robin Robin” about a little bird who thought she was a mouse. This story is all about looking at our qualities and strengths and to learn to celebrate what makes us unique.  We have found out facts about robins, labelled diagrams of robins and sequenced the robin life cycle for our science. We have looked at the RSPB website for information. We have made sketches of them during  our art lessons.

Mr. Robinson has been helping us to make up the bird boxes for the wild life garden. He has been impressed with how well we have listened to the instructions and how carefully we have used the tools.

The children have also made drawings of robots from our last story and have found out about using the BeeBots. We have looked at how to control a robot and explained how to give them commands.

 In P.E we have been having lots of fun in rugby.


19th of November 2021

Year One have been very busy working hard. We have really been enjoying our new story

The Robot and The Bluebird. We have enjoyed drama, music and dance lessons based on the story. We made thought bubbles to describe how poor Robot was feeling. We have been finding out about how he has a broken heart. Esmae brought a new heart for the robot. We found his friend in the wildlife garden and the children have been finding out about bluebirds. We looked at how we can help the birds over winter. We decided to make new bird boxes and Mr. Robinson the caretaker is going to help us to make some more for the school grounds. The kits were kindly donated and we are looking forward to making them. We have also had some great news. Tesco have responded to an appeal from Mrs. Pirie through school and we have now been given £500 pounds to spend on our wildlife garden.

The children have enjoyed finding out about 3D and 2D shapes in maths. We have labelled shapes and found out about their properties. We are looking forward to make models with them and testing which shapes roll and which slide.

Our science focus has been finding out about animals and humans. We are looking at how they adapt to the change in seasons. We were very good at identifying which animals hibernate and which animals migrate.

We have also been continuing our work about the human body. We labelled pictures of the parts of the body and enjoyed trying to put the skeleton together as a challenge. We had some interesting ideas.

5th of November 2021

Year One have been very busy. We have been learning about adjectives and prepositions. We really enjoyed doing some drama and music linked to our new story about The Robot and The Bluebird. We found out about Onomatopoeia! The children were very good at finding these words to describe the setting of the factory and the scrap heap. We listened to the sounds and imagined being there.

In R.E we have enjoyed listening to the story of Rama and Sita. We found out all about the Diwali festival and looked at how it was celebrated around the world. We made Diya lamps and tried lots of ways to make Rangoli patterns.  We linked this to our Maths lessons about shape.

We wrote acrostic poems about the festival.

We enjoyed the visit from Pegswood fire service team. The children were fantastic at listening and asking questions. They were very interested and could recall the important safety messages they had been given.

In P.E we have been learning about gymnastics and have enjoyed finding out about different balances and ways to move. We are looking forward to our Rugby lessons this week.



Friday 15th October
Year one have been working very hard. They have been learning to solve a dilemma! The Bog Baby had returned home but left us a problem to solve. A woolly mammoth had been found in the bog and it was covered in mud. We discussed how we could wash a woolly mammoth and really en-joyed reading the story. We could recall how to write instructions and found out about time conjunctions and how to use them in our writing.
In Mathematics we have been ordering objects, ordering numbers and using a number line. We have just started finding out about how to use the part whole model and have done lots of practical mathematics using this.
We are still enjoying finding out about Mary Anning and have been completing an infor-mation sheet all about her.
In science we enjoyed finding out about carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. We were brilliant at sorting dinosaurs into the correct group.
The children have enjoyed riding their bikes and scooters all week and were all very careful.