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Friday 3rd December.

We have had a very busy week in Year 2. In English, we continued with our class text, ‘The Tear Thief’ which is about a young mystical character who collects children’s tears to take to the moon. It is a wonderful book and has opened up fantastic conversations about our emotions and why we can sometimes feel sad. Alongside this, we have watched ‘a cloudy lesson’ and have learnt more about imperative verbs and command sentences. We have begun to plan our instruction writing. I can’t wait to read the children’s instructions of ‘How to make the moon shine’ & ‘How to steal tears and never get caught!’

In maths, we have started to learn all about money. We have recapped and built upon their previous learning and have been using our class coins to add pence and find different ways to make an amount. We are now working with pounds. Children have worked hard adding different amounts.  

In art, we have built upon our previous work to create a silhouette picture of The Great Fire of London. In science, we have completed our topic on Animals and Including humans- children loved getting messy with the germ experiment where we used two different colour glitters to investigate how germs spread. We are now learning about famous scientists linked to our previous learning.


Friday 19th November 

In English, we have started our new class book The Tear Thief and we are loving it! The book has already brought curiosity and wonder to our classroom. The ending of the book made us feel a little sad for a certain character, which led us to having a great discussion about the feeling of ‘empathy’. Zak made a wonderful comment, ‘if the book makes you cry it must be good!’
Children have produced amazing work so far. We used ‘role on the wall’ to create a word bank of effective vocabulary and have learnt more about adverbs. The children had a fantastic time playing charades to guess the adverb for the action!

 In maths, we have been continuing to work on our addition and subtraction skills using a range of different methods. We are continuing to practise the column methods and applying what we have learnt to solve tricky word problems. Year 2 are trying really hard with their times tables, we are practising daily in school and I can see many are accessing TTrockstars and loving it at home now too!

 In art, we have been looking at primary and secondary colours. We used our knowledge of colours and shades to paint a ‘fiery’ background which we will then build upon to create a silhouette picture of The Great Fire of London. Children have also worked hard on their sketching techniques and have produced fantastic sketches of London buildings.



Friday 5th November.
Year 2 have had a busy first week back! On Tuesday, we were very lucky to be visited by firefighters from Pegswood Fire Station. We learnt all about fire safety and loved having a tour of the fire engine. Year 2 children wowed firefighters with their Great Fire of London knowledge, and compared how the role of a firefighter along with fire equipment has changed since 1666.

In English, we have continued our work on ‘Adventures are the pits’. Children have worked really hard this week on applying the grammatical terms learnt so far in their writing. We have been using expanded noun phrases, similes and prepositional phrases to create a setting description of the mysterious ball pit. Children have been so enthusiastic about their learning they have even asked to do extra work and write their own stories based on the short film! It’s great to see such pleasure for writing.

In maths, we have been working on our addition skills. We have started to use the column method to add 2-digit and 1 digit numbers crossing 10. Year 2 have found this new formal method a little tricky but we will be continuing to practise this method for the next few weeks and we are continuing to build upon our resilience and independence. I am really proud of how far they have come already!


Friday 15th October.

Year 2 have had a fantastic couple of weeks! In English, we have finished our unit of work on ‘Meerkat Mail’. Children have LOVED this book and it has been great to see them so engaged. We have written setting descriptions and a diary entry for Sunny using our knowledge of time conjunctions and expanded noun phrases to write some wonderful sentences. We have also started our film study ‘Adventures are the pits’. We have used our reading detective skills again to infer and predict what the film will be about.

 In maths, year 2 have been recapping our Year 1 knowledge of number bonds to 10. We have used this knowledge to help us derive number bonds to 100. We have been using tens and ones’ frames to represent our bonds and identify links and patterns between number facts to 10, 20 and 100. We have been using new mathematical language ‘inverse operation’ and have been putting it into practise to create fact families and to check our answers.

In history, we have continued to learn about the Great Fire of London. We have been comparing current day London to what life looked like in London in the past- 1666.  In science, we have been looking at healthy lifestyles and what makes a balanced diet.