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December 3rd 2021

In English we are continuing reading Matilda. The children have produced some brilliant play scripts and had a lot of fun performing these in front of the class. They enjoyed creating a scene for a prank Matilda could play on Mr Wormwood. They have also written a chapter from the book and tried included all the grammar we have learnt through Autumn term.

In Maths we have been working on short multiplication. We started this topic by looking at multiplying using the distributive law before moving onto the formal written method. The children have grasped this really well and have understood the concept of multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by ones.  

In Science we are continuing our topic on rocks and soil. We have a firm understanding of how each rock is formed. Next week we will be doing an investigation on the permeability of different soils and understanding what soil is made from.

In topic we have looked at artefacts from World War One and what they were used for. The children were very surprised to find out about the rationing of food and the cleanliness that took place whilst in the trenches.


19th November 2021

We began this week with Odd Sock Day for anti-bullying week in school. The children have had an anti-bullying assembly and have also taken part in activities linked with this throughout the week. 

In English we have moved onto our new class book: Matilda, which we will be studying for the remainder of the term. The children have been learning some key reading skills, drawing inference, summarising and reading play scripts which will be our main focus during this term. 

We finished our topic on the inverse operation for addition and subtraction last week. The children have been working hard on using the inverse operation to work out missing number problems. They have also used this method to answer problem solving questions. 

In maths we have now moved onto Statistics. We have started this week looking at interpreting data from pictograms and have made our own pictograms using given data. We have also created our own bar charts on paper and on an online computing programme during our computing session. We are using different scales as well as understanding and interpreting data from these charts. 

We have continued our study of Rocks in science and this week carried out an investigation to categorise different rocks into Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic. Please ask your child about these groups and how each type of rock is formed.

Thank you so much for your support at home for our 2 week reading challenge. The children have enjoyed sharing what they have read and shown a love for reading. Please continue reading at home as much as possible.

 5th November 2021

What a busy week back we have had in Year 3!

This week we have had an important visit from the Northumberland Fire Brigade. The firefighters explained the importance of fire safety and how to keep safe around fires, fireworks and sparklers on Bonfire Night. The children then went out to see the fire engine and had a tour of what equipment is carried in case of emergencies.


In English we have been creating our own propaganda posters in the style of those used in World War 1. We have also been working hard on extending sentences by using a variety of different conjunctions to connect two phrases together.


In Maths we have recapped on last terms column addition and subtraction and have started to use the inverse operation to check calculations and solve missing number problems.  


In topic we are continuing to study WW1 and will be carrying out a local study of how Northumberland was involved during the Great War. We will be reading letters sent from the trenches by a Northumberland Fusilier. As part of their homework this week, I have asked the children to see if they have any family links to WW1 and if so for them to write this down so we could use this in our topic work. If there are no family links children have been asked to find 5 facts about WW1 so they can present this to the rest of the class.


We have also celebrated Diwali this week. We have produced story boards of the Story ‘Rama and Sita’ and then created our own Mehndi hand patterns.

15th October 2021
What a brilliant day we have had today celebrating Times Tables Rock Stars! Thank you for all your support at home with TTRS this week.
The children have been working scientifically in Science investigation different forces. They have carried out a friction investigation to see which materials have the most friction.
We have also looked at non contact forces and have started investigating magnetism. The children enjoy exploring different magnets and used bar magnets to answer the question: Can magnetism pass through all materials?
In English the children have been writing persuasive letters to the King and have written brilliant newspaper articles about the king banning the dark.
Maths this week we have moved onto column subtraction in 2 and 3-digit numbers. We are now practising exchanging numbers in column subtraction and borrowing from the next column.