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Year 4 – 17 December


Yet another busy two weeks.  Our penultimate week had us consolidating our spelling, grammar and punctuation knowledge together with our comprehension skills.  In maths, we translated shapes.  The firm favourite was when we all stood on a grid and had to give translations such as Right 4, Down 2 to be able to get other people off the grid!  In RE, we wrote some fabulous newspaper articles on the birth of Jesus.  We made some delicious Viking spiced biscuits and we started our cross stitch calendars.


This week, we have written some fabulous Christmas poetry and tried our hands at plotting coordinates to create a Christmassy picture.  We practised our little hearts out on singing the Christmas songs; hopefully you will enjoy the two that have been put on the website.  Our cross stitch continued!  9 hours later , we finally finished them with a range of styles(!)  Thankfully you love your children so you will be thrilled with the final product!


All of the children have worked extremely hard this term and they should be very proud of themselves.  I hope they all have a fantastic Christmas and that Santa Claus pops one or two presents for them down the chimney.  I look forward to seeing them again in January. Merry Christmas!


Year 4 – 2 December


Yet another busy two weeks.  Last week, in maths we consolidated our understanding of adding like and unlike fractions; if you don’t know what they are, ask your child; they’ll know.   In English, we based our work on a wonderful book called Krindlekrax.  The children produced character descriptions, storyboards and predicted the ending.  In science, we investigated how sound travels through different mediums.  The children had great fun blowing air into a bag and then tapped it with a pencil next to their ear to listen to the pitch, then they filled the bag with water to do the same (as you can imagine this was a firm favourite), finally they put a wooden block against their ear and tapped – LOTS of hilarity! In RE, we looked at the story of Ruth and explored kindness towards others.  Unfortunately, Bear was able to join us for rugby last week so Mrs Rusby decided that going outside to play tag rugby in the freezing wind was a good idea; there was lots of running around to stay warm never mind throw and pass a rugby ball.  This week, has been assessment week.  I have to say the children have been absolutely fantastic with their attitude to assessment as they all want to demonstrate the progress that they have made.  In science, we were labelling the parts of the ear, string telephones and a spoon investigation were carried out.  In French, we were learning the parts of the body and we rounded off the week with a spot of catapult making! 

Christmas Shoebox Appeal


A huge thank you to everyone that either filled a box or contributed something that could be popped in a shoebox for this very worthy cause.  We collected 50 shoeboxes and I know that they are going to put a huge smile on each and every child that receives one.  Many thanks once again!

Year 4 – 19 November


What a busy two weeks we have had!  Last week in English, we were researching some amazing facts for our Viking non-chronological reports; which Mrs Rusby was super impressed with.  This week we have been editing pieces of text by correcting the spelling and punctuation, together with adding some fabulous vocabulary, for example – tumultuous, roused, sauntered, gargantuan and resplendent – yes I know – WOW! In maths, we have worked jolly hard on measuring angles; protractors are tricky little tinkers!  In science, we have been learning that sound is made by vibrations. Picture the scene; twenty nine children with their fingers on their throats saying “Aaaahhhhhh!”  We did have great fun trying to make a wooden harmonica though.  In French, we have learnt the names of some animals and foods.  Our Viking topic work has had us looking at what the Vikings wore and ate which helped with our non-chronological reports.  In RE, we have been blown away again by the story of Moses and the ten plagues; the children couldn’t decide if getting boils was worse than millions of locusts eating all the food.  For Diwali day, we had brilliant fun making Diwali lantern and learning about the story of Rama and Sita which Diwali celebrates.  For anti-bullying week, we have made a pledge which not only looks at how we can stop bullying and helping those that feel they are being bullied, but also our attitude to school learning.  You can see from the photo that the children had some wonderful ideas and then they drew around their hands to decorate and chose one of the words that really spoke to them – kindness, caring, sharing, being brave are just a few.  We also watched a short video clip about a creature being bullied by some horrid crows; we googled our own strange creature and wrote a story based on that.  Once they are finished, we’ll pop a few on the next newsletter.  What a fabulous and industrious two weeks!

5th November 2021

The children have all come back to school refreshed and ready to learn!  We have kick started English with following and writing instructions.  We started with following instructions without diagrams – what a disaster! So diagrams were included and the children were able to make some lovely book corners to find their page in a book.  The next day, we tried our hand at making sandwiches and then writing instructions for an alien to follow.  This was followed with making a maths game and writing the instructions; as you can see from the images below, we had some fabulous games and instructions.  In maths, we have been looking at pie charts; quite a tricky concept but the children have all tried extremely hard to master that aspect of maths.  In science we finished our circuit topic and then rounded it off with a little assessment much to the delight of the children!  In RE, we looked at the story of Abraham and were a little worried how God tested Abraham to sacrifice his only son.  Thursday had some wonderful Diwali crafts being made; both of which were extremely tricky.  A great start to the second half term.

15th October 2021

We’ve been working extremely hard over the last two weeks.  In English, we wrote some fabulous Viking stories complete with not only blood and gore, but prefixes, suffixes, fronted adverbial phrases and some wonderful rich and varied vocabulary.  Hopefully, once they have been typed up on the laptops, we’ll have a few examples on the website.  In Maths, we conquered fractions of amounts of money; again we had some truly bright sparks that were finding fractions of millions of pounds!  I do have to say though; I have been super impressed with the determination of all of the children to be able to master this tricky concept.  In Science, the circuits were out again; this time testing whether materials were conductors or insulators.  In RE, we have looked at the story of Cain and Abel and produced some fabulous newspaper reports.  In our topic work, we have covered history this week and learnt all about the day the Vikings invaded Lindisfarne!  The children took on the role of a Viking and wrote some very graphic diary entries of what they did – ‘slaughter’ was mentioned quite a lot!  In PE with had a game of target focussing on throwing, catching and trying to be in the correct position on the pitch.  We have all really enjoyed the wheels to school week; every type of wheel could be seen on the playground.  A fabulous end to the week as we all dressed as Rockstars and challenged ourselves to improving our times table knowledge.