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Friday 19th November
Year 5 have continued to work hard and are embracing the wide variety of lessons that take place through the week. A definite highlight is our weekly rugby slot with coach Bear – we are learning all sorts of key skills for team games through the fun games he plays with us and have learnt so much already. 
Swimming has also got off to a great start and we will no doubt make a huge amount of progress over the next two half terms of swimming lessons.
In English lessons, our work on ‘Anglo Saxon Boy’ is continuing but we had a break from this book on Remembrance Day, when we learnt about the HMS Hood and wrote recounts, letters and poems afterwards. In topic our Saxon work is continuing, and we enjoyed learning about Anglo Saxon crime and punishment.
In maths we have moved onto a unit of work on multiplication and division. Later in the year, we will focus on formal written methods for multiplication and division, but over the next couple of weeks we are working on our general understanding of multiplication and division by learning about factors and multiples, square and cube numbers, and using place value knowledge to help us multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000.
We have been enjoying practical work in science, where we have tested the properties of various materials, as shown in these pictures:
Cornet lessons are still going well, and we are now playing proper melodies together. Hopefully we will soon be ready to share a video with you! In computing lessons we are using a variety of online tools to help us create effective posters and make our own vector drawings; so many new skills to grasp! In French, we are becoming more confident asking and answering questions about ourselves and Mrs Richardson is so impressed by how willing we are to have a go at tricky French pronunciation. 
Friday 12th November
Please find below a link to the powerpoint presentation that Mrs Morris used during our year 5 open night. If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can forward other documents on to you. 
Friday 5th November
Year 5 have got straight back into the swing of things after half term and we have had a
lovely week, including a school-wide visit from the Pegswood Fire Service which we thoroughly enjoyed. Yesterday afternoon we had a special RE and art afternoon because it was Diwali, and Mrs Richardson was so impressed with all our knowledge about the festival and the careful artwork we so carefully completed. We made colourful posters incorporating Diwali patterns and graphics, made candle holders and some of us had the perseverance to create intricate rangoli patterns using a technique called ‘quilling’.
Our Saxons topic is continuing, and we are now investigating village life in Saxon times, remembering our time at Jarrow Hall to help us label the features of Saxon houses. Topic work is still closely tied in with literacy lessons with Mr Fernandes. We have started the book ‘Anglo Saxon Boy‘ by Tony Bradman and have already produced some fantastic writing linked with it. We love that it links back to our ‘Viking Boy’ work in year 4!

In maths, we are now looking at statistics, and have already shown that we can understand bar charts, pictograms and line graphs. What an active week we are having as well, with our first swimming session taking place and rugby sessions just having started. In science, we have started a new topic about properties
of materials, and we are developing our scientific vocabulary.

Friday 15th October

In year 5, we have packed a lot into the last fortnight! We had a great time on our trip to Jarrow Hall, despite the torrential rain, putting ourselves in the place of Saxons and exploring the replica Saxon village. We particularly enjoyed being told stories and riddles around the fire, and learning about armour and weapons. We were even allowed to battle each other! We really impressed Catherine at Jarrow Hall with our knowledge of the Beowulf story, which we have recently finished reading in English lessons.  

Our computing work has led to lots of useful discussions about what sort of information is and isn’t safe to put online, and how to look out for ‘phishing’ scams. We are also excited about how close many of us are getting to playing a proper tune in our brass sessions. We will sound fantastic by the end of term!
We have moved our focus in maths, using our place value understanding to help us use formal methods for adding and subtracting. We are very proud that we can remember a lot of this so well from year 4!

In art, we were really pleased with how our Saxon style illuminated letters turned out. We etched our designs onto tin foil and created bright colours using Sharpie pens.