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Friday 5th November

Year six have settled back well after the half-term. They enjoyed the visit from the local fire service on Tuesday, with the chance to look at the equipment on board the engine, and more importantly, listen to all the cool sirens.

In topic, we have been learning more about Winston Churchill, and his role in the Battle of Britain. In RE, the children learned about Diwali celebrations on Thursday, and used clay to create ceramic hand dishes decorated in patterns. The children are also excited to start their rugby coaching this Friday.

Nov 18th.

Year Six have been continuing our study of the circulatory system in science, focussing on how the bloodstream absorbs water and nutrients from the food we eat. In topic, we have continued to study the Battle of Britain, and looked at one particular event when a German bomber was rammed by a very brave pilot to prevent it bombing Buckingham Palace. On the 11th November we learned about the story of Percy Burton, a very brave pilot killed as he downed a German Messerschmitt. In PE, under the guidance of Mr Robertson, the children have been forming shapes with their bodies in gymnastics (pictures below). They have also started rugby coaching, with a professional rugby coach from Newcastle Falcons.

In literacy, having finished ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’, we have now moved on to another great children’s book set in wartime Britain: ‘The Machine Gunners’ by Robert Westall. The last two Fridays have been test days: we did a mock reading comprehension test, and a mock SPAG test. The children’s scores mostly showed very satisfying improvement, with most children in increasingly good shape for next year’s SATs tests in May.

3rd December

We have had a busy time with assessment tests all week. The children did a mock SATs maths paper, a SATs reading paper, a mock SATs SPaG test, and all children were tested on their 100 Y5/6 words. They performed very well, but have every right to be feeling a little tired.

In topic this week, the children learned how the local area was bombed by the German air force during World War Two. We looked in detail at one raid (16th Feb 1941) when Lynemouth was very badly bombed, along with bombs falling at Cresswell, Ashington, Bedlington and Woodhorn.

In science we investigated the effects of different types of exercise on heart rate. In RE we have been looking at the Ten Commandments, with children discussing the merits of these rules, and suggesting rules of their own to live by. In PE, the children are continuing with gymnastics with Mr Robertson, and continued to enjoy their rugby tuition from Bear, the Newcastle Falcons coach.