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1st April 2022

Over the past two weeks we have been busy continuing our work on our ‘Starry Night’ topic. We have read the story ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy and enjoyed recreating all of the sounds Mr Bear heard during the night, we even thought he was a bit silly for trying to sleep in the garden! We talked about how he was feeling at certain points in the story and linked these feelings to colours just as we did during our work on ‘The Colour Monster’. We thought Mr Bear would have been very grumpy during the night when he could not sleep because we would be grumpy too! The children enjoyed sharing their bedtime routines and, as part of this, we thought about brushing our teeth. We talked about how it is important to brush our teeth to get rid of the bad bacteria. This keeps our teeth are nice and healthy so we can eat lots of yummy food- not too much sugar though! We had lots of fun making bacteria out of playdough, putting it on our giant teeth model and brushing it off with our giant toothbrush whilst singing our new song:

“Brush, brush, brush your teeth,

In the morning and at night.

Up and down and round and round,

Keep them clean and white!”



We have also been reading the story ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell. The children knew lots of interesting facts about owls, including that they live in trees, they hoot and they are nocturnal! Amazing! We talked about how it is scary when we can’t find our grown up and what to do if this ever happens. The children thought it would be best to try and find a police officer if we ever lost our grown up but there isn’t always a police officer nearby so we had another think and the children suggested we find someone like a shopkeeper who wears a uniform (green in Asda!) to help us, or a family who have children just like us. We also discussed how important it is that we never leave the place we lost our grown up because they would be looking for us too!


In maths we have continued our work on addition and have looked at size ordering. We set up a Teddy Bears Picnic and the children matched the plates and cups to the correct bear using words such as small, medium and large. The children have also been exploring weight in their play using the balance scales. There was some lovely discussion around what it means when one side is down or up with the children describing each side as heavy or light. We also decided that if both side were ‘up in the sky’ they weighed the same.


We have enjoyed watching our cress grow as part of our Science Week experiment. This week the children tasted the cress and then we had a vote to decide if we liked it or not. I was very proud of the children for trying something new!


Finally, we have been thinking about the Easter Story and how we celebrate Easter. We can’t wait to start our Easter crafts ready to bring home to our families. I hope you all have a lovely Easter break!

Red Nose Day (18.03.22)
We have had a great time in Nursery today to help raise money for Comic Relief. Our favourite part was telling our friends our best joke. There is a selection of them below to make you laugh. Well done Nursery!

18th March 2022

Nursery have been super busy over the last two weeks. We have continued our work on our mini topic, Puddles and Rainbows, by looking at the story ‘The Colour Monster’ by Anna Llenas. The children were brilliant at discussing the emotions that the colour monster was feeling and matching these emotions with the correct colour. We have even been using colours to help us explain our feelings in the classroom! The children gave some great examples of times when they have felt happy, sad, scared, angry and calm and we talked about what we can do when we have feelings we don’t like.

Thank you so much for your participation with our weather diary home learning challenge, they have made a lovely display and it seems like the children really enjoyed having a task to do with you at home! There is a photo of the display we have created on Class Dojo.

This week we have started work on our next topic ‘Starry Night’ where we will be discussing day and night, space and nocturnal animals. The children have produced some lovely art work to represent day and night and enjoyed a visit from Baby Bear when we read the story ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy. We had lots of fun using Baby Bears box as a rocket ship, a race car, a hideout and even a cat bed! What fantastic imaginations we have!

In maths we have been looking at different ways to represent numbers to 5 including finding the number, matching it to the numicon piece and building the number. We have also been working on our number formation to help us write numbers accurately.

In our outside area we have enjoyed creating a water slide for the toys using a piece of drainpipe. The children thought it looked the toys were landing in a paddling pool and can’t wait for the warmer weather to dip their toes into our water tray! 

4th March 2022

It was lovely to see the children back in school after our holiday and hear about all of the exciting things they got up to. They have definitely come back refreshed and ready to go! We have had such a busy start to this half term. We have celebrated Shrove Tuesday by enjoying some delicious pancakes where the children had a choice of topping from lemon and sugar, maple syrup or chocolate sauce. While chocolate pancakes were the clear favourite the children had a really good go at trying the lemon but we decided it was too sour for us!


We have also celebrated World Book Day by making our own bookmarks, drawing pictures of ourselves in our costumes and sharing lots of stories. We even had a fashion show so our friends could see our beautiful costumes! There are pictures of our day on the school website.


We have also started our brand new topic, Puddles and Rainbows. We explored our school grounds on our welly walk where looking for signs of spring. We found some daisies on the school field, some daffodils and crocuses in the planters in our yard and some new leaves growing on the trees in the wild life garden. We also talked about the weather and how there can be lots of different weathers in spring time. Unfortunately, we have mostly seen rain so far but we can’t wait to see the sunshine a little more! I would like to set the children a weather diary challenge for next week, please check Class Dojo for more details.


In maths we have been adding 2 numbers to help us find a total. The children were super good at counting on to find a total and were even challenged to work out how many more we would need to get to 10! We have continued our work on ‘fast fingers’ too, this week we discovered if we hold our fingers like Spiderman we will be showing 6 fingers!

World Book Day (03.03.22)
Nursery have had a brilliant time celebrating World Book Day today. We read stories, made bookmarks to take home and drew pictures of ourselves in our costumes. The children looked fantastic in their costumes and enjoyed showing them off in our fashion show, they even showed some of their best dance moves! Thank you for a lovely day Nursery!

11th February 2022

We have been continuing our ‘Amazing Animals’ topic over the past two weeks. We continued our work on safari animals by finding Africa on the map and talking about how Africa is a hot country unlike the polar regions we previously looked at and we decided the animals would be very different in Africa. Then we finished our unit on safari animals by going on a real safari! We had to put our seatbelts on, make sure we had our binoculars and good looking eyes then we set off. We saw lots of lovely animals including lions, zebra, giraffes and hippos! The children then had a go at drawing their favourite animal that we saw on our safari, using the right colours to colour in carefully. They turned out amazing and some of us even had a go at writing the name of the animal!

This week we have started our unit ‘Dangerous Dinosaurs’. We have been loving the story Dinosaur Roar by Henrietta Stickland and Paul Stickland. We have investigated new vocabulary in the book such as the word ‘meek’ and gave actions to remind us of each of the dinosaurs we meet. We have also been on a fossil dig, the children were very carefully with their brushes and swept away the dirt to reveal the bones. We then pieced the dinosaur back together and labelled parts of the body we recognised. We have also enjoyed making 3D dinosaurs with Mrs Goodall.

In maths we have been working on ‘fast fingers’. Miss Nicholson shouts out a number and we have to show her how we can make that number using our fingers. We have thought of lots of different ways to show the same number, for example we can show 3 using 2 fingers on one hand and 1 finger on our other hand!

We have also been busy learning about the world around us over the past 2 weeks. We celebrated Chinese New Year by learning about traditions and tasting some delicious Chinese food. We have also talked about staying safe when using our tablets and devices as part of Safer Internet Day. The children had lots of interesting ideas about how to stay safe but our main message was to always check with a grown up if you are unsure.

28th January 2022

In Nursery we have started our new topic ‘Amazing Animals’! Last week we came into our classroom and found and egg in a nest on the floor. We made lots of guesses about what could be in the egg, lots of us thought it might have been a dinosaur or a chicken! When we came into school the next morning it had hatched and we found a baby penguin sticking out, the children were so excited about our new friend. We talked about where penguins live, which other animals live there and looked at a map which showed us where the cold places are on earth. We decided if we went to these places we would need our hats, scarves, gloves and coats but we’d never seen animals wearing these things and that is because they have fur and blubber to keep them warm. We did a science experiment to show us how the blubber works to keep the cold out and it was so much fun!


This week we have received a letter from a safari guide named Sam who told us that a lion was on the loose in Ellington! We weren’t scared so we grabbed our binoculars and magnifying glasses went on a lion hunt. We looked all over the school grounds and peeked through the school fence to make sure he wasn’t in the park! We eventually found him in the wildlife garden and wrote a letter to Sam to ask him to come and pick the lion up as quickly as he could. Our letter must have worked because when we went back to the wildlife garden there was no sign of the lion.


In maths, we have been looking at using our subitising skills to count quickly in our heads. Miss Nicholson was trying to catch us out but we were too good to be tricked! We have also been matching quantities and numerals.  

In our outside area we have enjoyed creating a slide to send the balls down using guttering. We worked together to build it and found that if we moved it up the ball slid down faster! We then made it into a game where we could score points for landing in zones.

14th January 2022

Happy New Year! It has been so lovely to see the children and hear about their Christmas holidays. It sounds like they have all enjoyed their time with their families and have been spoilt off Santa! We also welcomed some new friends to afternoon nursery and I am so pleased with how well they have settled and how welcoming our current children have been.

Since we have returned we have been reading the story ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ by Julia Donaldson (she is fast becoming one of our favourite authors). Last week we thought about the changing season and how winter is now here. We discuss signs of winter including what we wear now it’s super cold outside and we went to look for these signs around our school grounds. We found lots of trees with no leaves, some trees that keep their leaves all year round, some holly, lots of ice, and some berries. We were even lucky enough to get some snow on the day too! We melted some ice in our classroom to explore how it changes. The children worked so well together, I am so proud of them!

This week we have been thinking more about the characters in our story. We had a go at describing The Gruffalo’s Child through some shared writing, where the children contributed some wonderful ideas. We have also discussed whether the characters are brave or not brave and to help us talked about times when we have been brave, lots of us talked about falling over or riding our bikes and scooters.

In maths we have been looking at 2D shapes, including squares, circles, triangles, rectangles and ovals. The children were amazing at explaining how they knew the names of the shapes by counting the number of sides and/or corners. We have also been learning lots of number songs to help us count backwards from 5. We love 5 current buns but our favourite has to be 5 little monkeys! Perhaps you could have a go at singing some number songs at home.