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Year One have been busy doing lots of assessments over the last two weeks. We have worked extremely hard and everyone has made lots of progress.  

In English lessons we have made a new toolkit to help us to write a report about wolves. We have found out lots of information and have started to write the first section of the report. We have written a page of facts. Mrs. Pirie has added everyone to the recognition board for showing resilience because we didn’t give up. 

In our Mathematics lessons we have continued our work about capacity and volume. We have looked at problem solving statements and had to work out if they were true or false. Everyone could put the capacity bottles in order even when we had these different volumes- empty, nearly empty, less than half full, half full, more than half full, nearly full and full! Poppy set up her own assessment challenge and got each child to do the task. She then made a list on the board of everyone who could order the bottles. Fantastic work Poppy. We have continued to explore the 2 x table and linked this to capacity and volume tasks. We needed to use this knowledge to solve problems. During independent time some children decided to show what they knew about the 2x table using Numicon.

In art work we enjoyed using the chalks and pastels to make wolf pictures. We talked about making them symmetrical.

In Design and Technology we have been making taxi models. We explained about the different parts and found the wheel, axle and chassis. We collected the resources we needed. Our prefects helped us to get started. They kindly gave up their break time and were so encouraging and excellent at helping us to solve any problems with our designs. It was fantastic to see. The children were very engaged and talked about everything they had found out in their previous lessons. Well done everyone.


Year One have had a very busy time. In English lessons they have been exploring the book corner and were surprised to find some wanted posters and paw prints all over the area. The children worked out that a wolf was wanted by Little Red. We made a character description tool kit so that next week we can write our very best piece of writing about Little Red.

In R.E we listened very carefully to information about Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent. The children thought about some of the things that they would give up for Lent. They listened to the story of Jesus in the desert and watched a power point of the story. The best part was finding out about Shrove Tuesday and we all had some tasty pancakes to eat.

In Mathematics we have been finding out about weight and mass. We have been learning the language linked to this and have all used the balance scales to solve problems. We have measured mass, compared mass and solved reasoning and problem solving questions linked to our topic.

In History we have been very interested in finding out about The Great Fire of London. We took part in guided reading sessions to find out information about the event. The children listened very carefully and were really keen to ask and answer questions about the topic.

In Music the children were very good at finding the beat and the pulse. We had good fun learning to sing “If you are happy and you know it” in time to the beat.

We have made some excellent drawings of London landmarks. The children found the statue in memory of the great fire.

We all really enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book character for World Book Day. The whole class all took part and looked amazing. Thank you for your fantastic support with the costumes.

Year 1 have worked very hard. They have enjoyed listening to messages from Morris Mole all about his journey home. We have been taking it in turns to tell the story to our friends. We had great fun doing drama in the hall. We took turns, working in pairs to be Morris and the other character. We had animal masks and rehearsed the dialogue between the characters. We especially liked it when Morris was chased at the end. We were excellent at recalling the dialogue and completed speech bubbles. We included question marks, exclamation marks and apostrophes. We have been learning them with fun games from Kung Fu Punctuation. We have been writing down his story using time conjunctions to help sequence the events along the way. Then Mrs. Mole asked if we could help to write instructions for Morris to find his way home so that she could include them in a letter for him to keep in his pocket. Jaxon was fantastic as Morris and kept us all concentrating on what instructions were very essential to include. Most importantly to avoid the Lionel the Lion’s jaws!

We have been working really well in our RWI phonic groups and will be starting a reading challenge with bookmarks and stickers as an incentive to read at home to our family. If you sign to say they have read at home they will receive a sticker. We also promote the love of reading through lots of  story time and really value it when children share experiences about the stories that they enjoy at home.

In our artwork, this week we looked at collagraphy and will try out some ideas next week.  We enjoyed starting our DT topic titled Taxi. We had to find out about wheels, axles and the chassis.  We began by trying to push a box of books but found it very tricky. Then we realised it would be better if we could use something with wheels on underneath the box. Mr. Robinson was the man to ask and he let us investigate his trolley. We were amazed at how easy it was to move the box of books with the help of the trolley. We then tried out the bikes and scooters on the big yard and looked for the wheels, axle and the chassis.  We put labels on different wheeled objects. Our next part of the project is to create our own model of a moving taxi.

Our geography topic is Bright Lights Big City. This week we also looked at a map of the UK and talked about the different capital cities we could see. We played stations outside and ran to the different capital cities. Please can you try to help us to learn them for next week?

The lesson then looked at living in a big city and we talked about the difference about living in a city and a village. We liked watching William Whiskerson on BBC teach when he went to visit London. We loved sharing our stories about visiting a capital city.

In our Maths lessons, we have been learning about counting backwards along a number line to help us work out subtraction problems. We made a number line with Numicon and used it to help count backwards.

We have been fantastic at listening to James and the Giant Peach and like the idea of having picture books and chapter books to share.

Thank you everyone for joining Class Dojo we will be using this to record our house points.

You can also set up a portfolio. This allows you to add pictures of activities that you may do at home to support the learning we are doing in school. Thank you for your excellent support.

Year 1 have returned to school with lots of enthusiasm. They were very keen to help Mr. Robinson the caretaker when he told them about something interesting in the wildlife garden! Some strange mounds of earth had appeared so we set off to investigate. The class quickly worked out that they were mole holes. When we returned to our class we looked on the camera and saw a small mole.

The next day Morris the mole arrived at school. We have decided to find out information about moles to make a fact file to send to Stewart the wildlife expert. We listened carefully to the BBC Teach video all about moles and were very keen to find out more. We have been asking and answering questions about moles. We enjoyed reading about them. See if we can tell you some facts about moles. We really liked the story Mrs. Mole I’m Home by Jarvis. We have looked at speech bubbles, found out about contractions and looked at using apostrophes for missing letters. We have been wearing mole costumes and acting out the story of Morris and his journey home. We have sequenced the story and have started to look at adding time conjunctions to our plan.  We predicted which character Mr. Mole would meet next. We have brought home a story sequence to help us to learn to tell the story. Please can you help us to learn it for next week?

In our artwork, this week we have been learning about line, shape and pattern.  We also looked at weather symbols and created our own transient art pictures to go with our topic rain and sunrays. We made our own images using natural resources. We thought it would be a great idea to design a spare pair of glasses for Morris so we have put that on the plan for next week.

Our geography topic is Bright Lights Big City. We were very interested to find out about the Queen and the role of a monarch. One child made us smile when he told us that the Queen sat on her throne knitting all day!  We also looked at a map of the UK and talked about the different countries we could see.

In our Maths lessons, we have been continuing to learn about counting on and have enjoyed playing games with dominoes and dice. We are working hard to learn to count in 5’s and have been very enthusiastic with our Super Movers counting song and routine.

We have brought home some Knowledge Organisers in our homework folders so that we can share what we are learning about with our families at home. We are really looking forward to our P.E lessons this half term and start an extra dance lessons next Monday. Thank you for your excellent support.