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Friday 18th March

In English, we have finished reading our wonderful class text: The Day the Crayons Quit. To conclude our learning around this text, we learnt how to write list poems based on all of the beautiful colours in the book. Before writing our poems, we studied the features of a list poem and practised using expanded noun phrases to describe an array of objects!

We have started to read and explore our new class text, The Princess and The Pea. As always, we began our learning by becoming reading detectives and using our inference skills to predict what the book may be about. We have particularly enjoyed using drama to retell the story.

In maths, Year 2 have been working very hard on fractions. They have had fun in practical lessons finding fractions of amounts and numbers using sweets. They have been focusing on finding ½ and ¼ of amounts. Year 2 have been continuing to work hard on their times tables and number recall. Well done, Year 2. J

 We are having so much fun in our afternoon lessons. Year 2 are continuing to work hard on developing their geography knowledge and skills. This week, we have been applying all the skills taught so far to create our own coastal town. We have worked hard to produce information leaflets about our town explaining why people should visit along with some fantastic drawings of maps and keys.


Friday 4th March 2022
The crayons have arrived! We have begun reading our new class book: The Day the Caryons Quit by Drew Daywalt. Year 2 are familiar with the book and were so excited to find out it was our new class text. Year 2 have been working hard to identify and use apostrophes to contract. We loved using Lego, and Duplo to build contraction city!

 Year 2 have been working hard in maths learning about 2D and 3D shapes. They also enjoyed using their previous learning of Tally charts in these lessons. Year 2 particularly loved making 3d shaped using straws and marshmallows!

 We are having so much fun in our afternoon lessons. Year 2 have loved taking part in scientific investigations to find out the best material for a range of objects such as a bag and umbrella. We’ve also loved learning about recycling and sustainability.  We can’t wait to start learning more about our new science topic- Plants! We are continuing with our topic: the coastline and this week we have been using our map skills to locate lifeboat stations around the UK.

Finally, how could we forget World Book Day!?! The children looked amazing and had so much fun dressed as their favourite book character. It’s wonderful to see how engaged and enthused Year 2 children are with their reading, I love that they are bringing books in from home to share with me.

Friday 11th February 2022
In English, we finished reading the wonderful Tin Forest. Children adored the book and the beautiful illustrations and produced an amazing final piece of writing. They wrote a sequel to the narrative, and I was blown away by their descriptive language and fantastic imaginations.

We have started reading our new book called Traction Man by Mini Grey. The book is about a toy action figure that patrols house saving ‘those’ in need, he is never than stylishly dressed and expertly accessorised!

In maths, we have looking at tally charts, pictograms and block diagrams! We’ve had a lot of fun in our practical lessons gathering data such as our friends favourite colour, animals and food and displaying the data using what we have learnt. Year 2 have worked hard to interpret data and produce their own pictograms and graphs.

 Year 2 are enjoying their science lessons on ‘Uses of Materials’, they have been investigating paper, what it is made from and its different properties. They are looking forward to exploring more about recyclable materials next week. This week in Geography, children blew me away with their knowledge of the Coast and in particular the dangers that surround the area. They worked hard to produce an information poster on how to stay safe by the coast.

 On Tuesday, we celebrated Safer Internet day, as a class we looked at what ‘safer internet day’ meant to us and how we could keep ourselves safe online. We had a great discussion around how we use the internet and who can help us in different scenarios. Children had great fun designing their Dojo avatar and writing top tips to stay safe online!

 Year 2 are showing an increased enthusiasm towards reading and I’m sure you’re aware of how much I love to share new books with them – it has been lovely to see children bringing in books from home to share with me! It’s great to see children reading more regular at home and reading the lovely comments in their reading record.



Friday 28th January

 In English, we have continued exploring our class book The Tin Forest. We have been using our new writing toolkits to write a captivating setting description. We’ve also worked together as a class to retell the story and compare and contrast it to another adventure story- The Whale Song. We found many similarities and are going to use our knowledge of adventure stories to write our own narrative.

In maths, we have had fun practical lessons making and adding equals groups. We have worked extra hard this week as we have moved onto division, children initially found this a little tricky to begin with but they have all persevered and used their practical equipment and knowledge of equal groups to help them.

 Year 2 are really enjoying their new Geography topic, ‘Coastline’, we have been taking a closer look at our coastline and learning about erosion. Children were amazed to see how erosion takes place and how it changes our landscape. They completed fantastic diagrams of headlands and the sea undercutting. In science, we have begun to explore the properties of materials and discuss why certain materials are more suitable to use depending on their use. Children are really enjoying their dance lessons where they have been learning a superhero routine.

Friday 14th January 

Welcome back and Happy New Year! It was lovely to see so many happy faces back on Wednesday. Year 2 have settled back in well and have impressed me with their hard work as always.

In English, we have started our new class book The Tin Forest. We were very intrigued by the red flower and why the rest of the book was grey. Year 2 have enjoyed reading the beginning of the story and learning about the old man that lives in a small house that looks out onto…rubbish! Children have immersed themselves in the book and experienced what it would be like to look out on a load of junk! Children have written expanded noun phrases to describe the classroom debris and used coordinating conjunctions to extend their sentences this week.

In maths, we have revised and consolidated our previous learning on money and have now begun to explore multiplication. We have looked at equal groups and have had some practical hands on experience of making and adding equal groups. Year 2 enjoyed using a range of manipulatives to create and represent equal groups, they have also used dice to challenge their partners to match the number sentence to the pictorial representation.


We have begun studying our new Flower topic in art, and Year 2 really impressed both Mrs Mallaburn and myself with their concentration and eye for detail with their observational sketches. In science we have been exploring materials and their properties. Year 2 worked hard to find out how the shapes of solid objects can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching! Finally, we have finished off this week with some excellent compass skills and map work! We are really looking forward to delving deeper into our new ‘Coastline’ topic!