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Year 4 - 1 April


We had an amazing start two weeks ago!  Afternoon tea for 130 people – we worked our little socks off that morning making three types of sandwiches, making scones and fifteen biscuits from scratch and we cut cake into mouth-watering morsels!  We learnt how to take an order from our customers and then finally 1:30 arrived!  What looked like hordes of people arrived, and we were on starters orders.  Afternoon teas flew out of the studio and into the school hall.  The food was met with ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ of delight.  Lots of lovely feedback was given but the most amazing part was the amount of money that we raised – a whopping £750 in aid of Ukraine!  A memory we will never forget.  

English had us looking at a range of comprehension exercises, where we demonstrated our fantastic understanding so therefore were able to answer some tricky questions.  This week we have started looking at myths and we thoroughly enjoyed learning about Medusa and her snake-head being cut off.  In maths, we have been calculating area and perimeter of shapes; some of us have even moved on to compound shapes!  Topic has had us researching facts about mountains around the world; the favourite is how long ago did they erupt!  In R.E., we have been learning about how important Muhammad is in the Islamic faith and rather than writing about Ramadan and the Eid-ul-fitr festival we tried our hand at henna decorated biscuits!  Swimming continues to be a fabulous event; we now have lots of little fish! We are all looking forward to the Easter break though, and we are full of hope that the Easter bunny will drop something off at our houses!

Year 4 - 18 March 

Yet another busy two weeks; how the time flies when you’re having fun!  In English, we have consolidated our understanding of relative clauses, pronouns, fronted adverbial phrases and subordinate clauses in preparation for our big write based on our fabulous class book, Varjak Paw.  Our published pieces will be littered with the aforementioned, and also have the reader (aka Mrs Rusby) sitting on the edge of their seat wondering what is going to happen in our suspense stories.  A thrilling read awaits I feel quite sure.  In maths, we are all working hard to conquer percentages of money; it gets quite fiddly when there are questions like 39% of £56.00 posed, but we’ll all get there in the end.  In science, we have been learning about the water cycle and all of the key vocabulary that goes with that and French had us finding out how to ask for certain things when we went shopping.  Cornet continues to be a firm favourite with Mr Burns, and the sound is most definitely getting better!  For R.E., we have started a new topic; we are now finding out all about the Islamic faith.  Last week, it was Wudu, which is their washing ritual that needs to be carried out before each prayer session and this week we have been learning about the Islamic thoughts on angels.  Our topic had use finding out about contour lines on a map and trying to match them up with the shape of the mountains. We have also produced some non-chronological reports that were oozing with facts on specific mountain ranges in the United Kingdom.  We are culminating the end of this week with two very exciting things; the first being Comic Relief Day when some very cheesy jokes are no doubt going to be told – How do you know the ocean is friendly – it waves; and the second, is where we are going to start preparing for our amazing fundraising venture for Ukraine – an afternoon tea made and served all by ourselves!  How very exciting!

Year 4 - 4 March 

Our final week of last half term had us putting the finishing touches to our fabulous non-chronological reports on exotic fruits.  I was able to lay my hand on some persimmon and lychees; persimmon went down well with most of the children but lychees got a resounding YUK from most of them! J  The display looks absolutely amazing as you will no doubt agree from the photo I sent on Dojo.  We had a flurry of poetry writing in the final few days which we based on the story of Philippe Petit who walked between the World Trade Centre Towers on a tight rope – eek!  As you will see from the photos below, their published pieces were completed on the computers and they then drew the image of Philippe that was in the book that we read.  In maths, we beavered away to convert fractions to decimals and percentages; the children did this brilliantly.  I was super proud of them.  In RE, we learnt all about Holy Week and Easter (I know it is a bit early but it rounded off our topic on Christianity).  We had great fun trying different foods from the Seder Plate; I was astonished at how many of them would eat horseradish sauce and we made some simple palm crosses using paper!  In our fabulous Misty Mountain topic, we learnt facts about the River Trent and sharpened our knowledge on key vocabulary such as tributaries, the source and the mouth to name a few.  Sadly, we had our final session with Bear but I am happy to say that rugby will continue in the afterschool club where I will be putting them through their paces.


Our first week back has seen us starting a fabulous new book called Varjak Paw.  He’s a Mesopotamian Blue but with amber eyes unlike all of his family that have green eyes.  He’s the family outcast but we know that he is going to be the hero of the story and defeat the mysterious man in black that has entered their home.   We have been writing some fabulous descriptive writing full of emotive and figurative language.  I can’t wait until to finish reading and honing our literary skills to be able to write our own cat hero story!  In maths we have been consolidating our knowledge on am, pm and elapsed time; soon everyone in the class will be able to tell me when it is home time!  In French, we have been writing simple sentences asking for particular foods and in science we planned and then carried out an experiment on melting ice – water everywhere!  As you will be aware, the great excitement of the week was swimming.  You would think we had got on a bus and travelled to Mauritius with the squeals of delight!  They all plunged into what looked like freezing water from the facial expressions, so that they could be assessed by the instructors.  I look forward to seeing them master their swimming strokes over the next few months. 

Year 4 – 11 February

We have had a fabulous two weeks at school.  The children have been working super hard and they should be very proud of themselves.  In English, we have been researching a whole array of weird and wonderful exotic fruits for our non-chronological report writing.  We just have to write the published piece and by next week they will adorn the display board in the corridor; if you would like to see your child’s fantastic work, please pop in when you drop your child off at school.  You will be extremely impressed!  In maths, we have worked tirelessly adding and subtracting fractions and we have all mastered the method; some even can solve mixed number fractions – fabulous!  In science we carried out an investigation with ice cubes and boiling water to see which would reach room temperature the quickest.  We presented our findings in a line graph using a computer program that the children are absolute whizzes at now.  In French, we consolidated our understanding of the weather and the children wrote simple sentence about the type of weather it was.  In Art, we looked at drawing a mountainous landscape without the aid of a You Tube clip and we are going to assess each other’s work!  In R.E., Easter came early.  We discussed the week prior to Easter Sunday, which is known as Holy Week, when Jesus rode into Jerusalem.  The children asked some fabulous questions which will need answering next week.  We talked about the Last Supper and then the children enjoyed having a little taste of all the elements from it – parsley, lettuce, apple with cinnamon (should also include nuts and wine), boiled egg, ribs and the firm favourite bitter herbs (horseradish).   We continue with our fantastic rugby sessions with Bear from Newcastle Thunders and on Chinese New Year day, the children munching on some prawn crackers and noodles then enjoyed making Chinese lanterns using jars, crepe paper and a tea-light.  The children continue to wow me with their continued success in battles against others on Times Table Rockstars and they are all very enthusiastic about the reading challenge and Mr Hodgson has promised us some new books – we can’t wait!  Another week to go and then a well-deserved break!  

Year 4 - 27 January 2022

Yet another busy two weeks!  In English, we have been thoroughly enjoying our class book, The Boy that Grew Dragons. I mean, who wouldn’t want to grow dragons and of course the dragons just had to get up to a little bit of mischief, as well as having poo that exploded!  We’ve been learning about emotive language, present perfect form of verbs, rhetorical questions, conjunctive adverbs, relative clauses and using imperatives within a sentence! All quite boggling but we are getting there.  Last week we wrote some wonderful diary entries that were full of emotive language, this week we’ve just finished writing letters to Grandad telling him how to look after Flicker the dragon.  In maths last week, we consolidated our understanding of measure and this week we’ve tried our hands at measuring angles – tricky little tinkers some of them!  In our wonderful topic Misty Mountains Winding Rivers, we have learnt about the different sections of a river and drawn some beautiful illustrations.  In science, we have been learning all about evaporation, condensation, melting and freezing.  RE has had us having some fantastic discussions about whether they thought Jesus could perform miracles and what the Bible is trying to tell us when we look at stories such as Jesus walking on water.  In computing, we have been using a fabulous program that allowed us to input data on temperature which was then represented in a bar graph.  As you will see from the photo, the French Alps looks like a very chilly place – brrr!  We continue with our fabulous cornet lessons and everyone can get a sound out of them – not always pretty though J .  In French, we recapped on body parts and this week we looked at words for weather – neige being the favourite (that’s snow to me and you).  In Art, we tried our hands at drawing landscapes.  We looked at contour lines and how to bring perspective into our drawings; I’m sure you’ll agree the results were brilliant!  Bikeability was a huge hit; the children thoroughly enjoyed their time with the instructors and there was a couple of little poppets that felt very unsure about riding a bike but conquered that and whizzed around the MUGA.   The children should be very proud of themselves as they have worked tirelessly!

14th January 2022
What a busy week!  We seem to be cramming in lots of lovely learning.  In English, we have started reading a wonderful book called The Boy who Grew Dragons by Andy Shepherd whereby a little boy finds a dragon fruit and you guessed it, a dragon hatches from it.  We looked at a range of weird and wonderful fruits; unfortunately there were no dragon fruits to be had in any local supermarket but I did find jack fruit – what a mixed reaction! Umm to YUK!  We are basing our writing on the book and this week we have written a diary entry that must include a range of figurative vocabulary and be laden with emotive language.  In maths, we’ve been reading a range of scales and switching between units of measurement – quite tricky.  Science brought squeals of delight as we found out whether gas weighed anything.  The experiment entailed everyone shaking cans of pop, weighing it and then if they’d tapped it correctly then opening it without it fizzing everywhere.  We have a fabulous new topic, Misty Mountains, Winding Rivers.  We have learnt the technical vocabulary for all things relating to rivers such as meanders, tributaries and interlocking spurs.  In French, we recapped on being able to name body parts and classroom equipment.  In Art, we followed a step by step guide on how to draw a mountain and lake landscape; as you will see from the photos below, they were a huge success that the children were very proud of.  In RE, we learnt about the Parable of the Sower and rather than writing about it, we made a few disciples and acted out the story and we rounded off the week with our new music lessons – cornets.  The children were thrilled when they were able to get a sound out of their cornet.  The children should be very proud of themselves as they have worked tirelessly this week.