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Friday 1st April 2022
In Year 6, we have been extremely busy and working hard over the last two weeks.

We enjoyed being creative and making wonderful Mother’s Day cards, using our sewing and drawing skills.

We have continued to revise our knowledge of a wide variety of mathematical concepts. Lessons included converting measures, interpreting timetables, finding fractions of amounts and calculating with fractions.

In English, we have completed our diary entries and have written a review of ‘The Highway Man’. The majority of the class gave it a 5-star rating! We started our new book, ‘Skellig’ by David Almond, with two lessons on inference and prediction. This week we have taken on the role of estate agents to do some persuasive writing to sell the house from the text.

In geography, we completed our newspaper reports about the Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton, which was very well timed to coincide with the discovery of his ship (‘Endurance’). This week, lots of children have enthusiastically shared their knowledge about the Titanic as we have started to research the ‘Unsinkable Ship’ in history.

Our science work has involved using the internet to research the characteristics of polar animals. We will be presenting this information in a fantastic report next week.

In PE we have had fun with games involving working as a team.

SATs Preparation 2022
Please click on this link to access previous SATs papers which are available to view and download. 
The timetable for this year's tests is: 



Time allocation

Monday 9th May

SPAG Test (Grammar & Punctuation)

SPAG Test (Spelling)


45 minutes

20 minutes


Tuesday 10th May

Reading Test


60 minutes


Wednesday 11th May

Maths Paper 1 (Arithmetic)

Maths Paper 2 (Reasoning 1)


30 minutes

40 minutes


Thursday 12th May

Maths Paper 3 (Reasoning 2)

40 minutes

Friday 18th March

As ever, year 6 have been working extremely hard over the last fortnight and all of the staff working with them are feeling very proud of what they have achieved and the progress they are making. This is particularly true in maths where we are covering many different objectives in a short space of time, and every member of staff working with a small group in maths has commented on their positive attitudes as a year group. Over the last 2 weeks we have gone over long division, division word problems, calculating with decimals, the order of operations (‘BIDMAS’) and how to find the mean average. Phew! On Wednesday, we had to go on a scavenger hunt to find answers to our BIDMAS questions!

The class are continuing to work well on The Highwayman in English lessons. We have recently planned, drafted and published a diary entry from the perspective of Bess, the Highwayman’s lover in the poem. It was also great to join in with the theatre group who visited the school last week as part of our world book month; two years sixes, Josh and Maisie, were selected to be part of the show ‘The Sword in the Stone’ and did a fantastic job after a very quick rehearsal time! The audience also joined in with all of the songs, and it was a very interactive experience.

Many of the year sixes are keen to share their knowledge in our science lessons, where we are learning about classifying animals using scientific vocabulary. Mrs Richardson was very impressed with our ability to create classification keys to sort polar animals, tying in with our ‘Frozen Kingdom’s topic. In geography lessons, we have written non-chronological reports about the indigenous peoples of the Arctic, and have started to find out about the history of Antarctic exploration.

PE this half term is all about developing skills in various team games, which the year sixes are throwing themselves into. We have also been finding out together about Muslim religious practices and traditions in RE lessons on Friday afternoons.

Finally, a big well done to Paige and Grace who completed their Peer Mentor training this week. They have worked hard on this every week and we are very proud of their achievements.

Friday 4th March
We have had a very busy and enjoyable first week back after the half term holiday! We enjoyed eating delicious pancakes on Shrove Tuesday and had lots of fun dressing up to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday!
In maths, we have continued to build our knowledge with algebra. In particular, we have been learning about solving equations and finding pairs of values.
In English, we have started a unit of work on narrative poems. Our main text for this work is ‘The Highway Man’ by Alfred Noyes. We were also very fortunate to have a visit from an author this week. Dan Smith gave us a very interesting talk and signed some books and postcards for us.
In geography, we are continuing with our topic on Frozen Kingdoms. This week, we have been learning about the indigenous peoples of the Arctic. We used the I-pads to research different groups of people to find out about their lifestyles and traditions.
Our science work this term is also linked to the Frozen Kingdom topic where we will be exploring polar flora and fauna. This week we have started by reminding ourselves about how to classify animals.
In PE we have started working on our football skills.
The children have settled in well after the Christmas break. We have started a new topic: Frozen Kingdoms. We will be studying the climate, topography and wildlife of the polar regions. This week, we were looking at the similarities and differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic. If parents are able to, it would be very helpful to allow the children to watch the BBC series ‘The Frozen Planet’, which was first broadcast a few years ago. We will not have time in class to watch more than a few short clips from the series. In literacy, we have started a new book, Holes, by Louis Sachar. It’s a much-admired tale set in a juvenile correctional facility in Texas. The children seem to be enjoying it. In maths, the children have been doing really well dividing fractions using the KFC method (ask them to demonstrate it to you if you like). In French, we are studying shops and shopping, looking at the names of different shops. In PE the children have started doing dance with Mr Robertson.

January 28th 2022

These last two weeks we have been learning more about our topic, the polar regions, focussing particularly on the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean. In art, we have been studying the art of the Inuit – their sketches, based on the natural world about them, and also their carvings. We attempted to imitate their style, in sketching and in carving Arctic animals out of soap. The soap carving proved to be quite a tricky business, and the results were somewhat mixed.

In science we researched how batteries work. In RE we have been studying Sikhism. In PE they are continuing to learn about dance. In French we have been learning about shopping – the names of shops, and how to say where shops are in relation to each other. In maths the children have been working on decimal numbers.

In English we have continued to read ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. The children are certainly enjoying the book. They have been writing their own non-chronological reports on ‘Scorpions’, as these creatures feature in the book.

February 11th 2022

These last two weeks we have been learning more about our topic, the polar regions, focusing on the possible impacts of global warming. In English we have finished ‘Holes’; the children wrote detailed book reviews on the book, giving their opinions and exploring the main themes of the book. This week they have started reading ‘Shackleton’s Journey’ by William Grill. The children will be writing a biography of Sir Ernest Shackleton. The children did some exciting art to celebrate the Chinese New Year last week. We discussed the importance of internet safety when the children are online. In science we have been continuing our investigation of circuits and electricity. In PE the children have been out on the field practising their football skills. In RE we continue to explore Sikhism.

From now until the SATs exams in May, the children’s timetable has changed slightly to allow more time for a greater focus on English and mathematics in the afternoons in advance of the exams. This will allow the children to achieve their full potential in the SATs.