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6th May 2022

We have had a fantastic start to our summer term in Nursery. We have had some amazing new starters in afternoon Nursery. Once again the children have shown their kindness and have been very welcoming to their new friends, well done guys! Last week we were so excited to go on our very first school trip to the farm where we saw all sorts of different animals. We were brave and held lots of the smaller animals and we were lucky enough to see a baby lamb being born while we were there! The children were so well behaved and really enjoyed their day. Back at school we enjoyed talking about and drawing pictures of our favourite animals, we made some pigs and some sheep using different materials and then we made bunny and chick biscuits too!

Last week we had some eggs arrive in our classroom in an incubator to keep them warm and this week all seven of the eggs hatched into beautiful chicks! We absolutely love the new arrivals and were even lucky enough to watch one of them hatch. The children thought it was very clever how the chicks managed to get out of their tough shells using just their beaks. We have been very careful with the chicks when we have held them and have helped to look after them really well. Please have a look on your child’s School360 journal to see a picture of them holding the chicks. We have made collages to show the lifecycle of a chicken and labelled parts of the chick trying really hard to hear the initial sounds in the words beak, wing, foot and egg. Some of us even had a go at writing the labels, fantastic!

Whitehouse Farm Trip
The children had a brilliant time at Whitehouse Farm. They saw lots of different animals, got to hold them and got to feed them. They were even lucky enough to see a lamb being born! Have a look at the pictures below.