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Friday 6th May 

We’ve had a busy two weeks in Year 2. We have started our new class text, The Dragon Machine. Year 2 used their amazing reading detective skills and immediately noted their familiarity with the author and illustrator- Helen Ward & Wayne Anderson who also wrote one of our class texts, The Tin Forest, which we studied earlier this year. We have been making comparisons between the books using a Ven diagram. This week, children have been designing, labelling and describing the machine- they have produced wonderful work. We are now beginning to plan instructions on how to capture the mischievous dragons!

In maths, year 2 have been working hard with measurement, mass and capacity. They have enjoyed a range of practical activities and challenges during the lessons. In maths, as well as throughout the school day, we have been working hard to tell the time to the nearest five minutes. We really appreciate all of your support helping the children practise telling the time at home too!

During our afternoon lessons, we have begun our new history topic, Magnificent Monarchs! We have been exploring key vocabulary and learning the meaning of ‘power’ and ‘rule’. They have loved learning about past monarch’s and their power. Alongside this, in art we have been exploring and analysing pictures of past monarchs.

In science, we have begun our ‘Animal Survival’ topic. They really impressed us with their prior knowledge of animals and their habitats.  In R.E, we are learning about Hinduism. This week, we have used drama to retell the story of Rama and Sita.