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Autumn 2022

Nursery News November the 11th 2022
We have been very busy as usual. The Halloween Disco was lots of fun and everyone looked very good in their costumes. 

Our story for the first week back was The Three Little Pigs. We really enjoyed testing out our science and design skills by making the different houses. We used the electric fan to see which houses would blow over. Then we sequenced the story and retold it. We had lots of fun watching ourselves on the big screen telling the stories. Everyone tried very hard to remember the key parts. 

We have enjoyed stories from some important readers. Claire, the health visitor came to tell us about her important job and read us a super Whiffy Wilson story. Mrs. Emery, the cook came to tell us about her job and read us one of our favourite stories about Morris Mole. They were both very impressed with the nursery children and thanked them for listening so well. Watch out in our next newsletter for more readers. If you would like to take part just let me know

We thought very carefully about Remembrance Day and made our own poppy display to help us to remember others. The children were all amazing when we observed the silence and everyone of them was very quiet and thoughtful.

Harvest Stay and Play October 21st 2022
Thank you for coming to the Stay and Play morning. The children  sang their songs really well and enjoyed telling the Pumpkin Hunt story. We were really pleased to have so many families in the nursery. It was lovely to show everyone all of the work that had been done during the holidays to our setting. The children had a fantastic morning. Thank you for your excellent support.
Nursery News  October 21st

We have been very busy this week. We have really enjoyed reading “We’re Going On a Pumpkin Hunt.” We acted out the story and had fun going on our own hunt around the school grounds.

We counted all of the pumpkins and ordered them by size. The children talked about which ones were the heaviest and which were the lightest. We did some baking and rolled out the dough to cut out our pumpkin biscuits.

We have been busy looking after our environment. We weeded the garden and planted some cheerful new plants. We all worked together. We are still finding out all about ourselves and this week we looked at our bodies and how to look after them. We had a hospital role play area and everyone had lots of fun finding out about different jobs that we could do to keep people safe. We have enjoyed learning our new songs for Harvest and we are looking forward to seeing you all at our Stay and Play morning on Friday 21st of October between 9.00 and 10.00. Thank you for all of your continued support.

Nursery News  October 7th
We have had a very busy time in nursery learning so many things. We really enjoyed relaxing in the library with our cosy slippers on. The weather was terrible outside so the hot chocolate was a good idea.
We loved sharing lots of stories. We really enjoyed finding out about Supertato and the Evil Pea. We tried to save the vegetables that were trapped using our super scissor skills. We counted lots of potatoes and made sure we counted carefully. We did lots of counting and found out how to do it properly. We used our senses to feel the frozen peas and developed our science skills by seeing how they melted in our hands and when we left them in the sunshine. 

We made our own Supertato models and Evil Pea biscuits. The children suggested having a tea party to go with the biscuits so we made different flavoured teas. We loved exploring with our sense of smell. We made monster cakes to go with our Colour Monster PSED activities.

We have developed our gross motor skills outside. A huge big thank you to everyone for supporting the PTA events. We are really enjoying using our fantastic new equipment. We have been on our new bikes and scooters in the big yard. The new castle has been a great addition and we have used it so carefully and tested out our climbing skills. We are looking forward to after the October holidays because we will have more climbing equipment to use. One little helper worked all morning helping to sweep up the leaves. What a star. I am sure you will agree that we deserved our hot chocolate after all of this hard work.

Nursery News   September 23rd

The nursery children have been amazing and have all settled really well. We are very impressed with them. We have had a busy start to the new term. The children have enjoyed exploring our lovely new setting. We are really excited about the changes to our outdoors and are looking forward to using the new equipment.

We have enjoyed finding out about ourselves. Everyone has been interested in our stories about super me. The story A Super Power Like Mine helped us to see what we were good at. The Colour Monster story has helped us to think about and describe our feelings.

We have found out about so many things. We have made self-portraits, face biscuits and listening ears. We have been on an Autumn walk and found out about conkers. We have done Write Dance and developed our fine motor skills. We have loved learning new songs and playing the instruments. We enjoyed going on a listening walk and have been working hard to learn phonics phase 1 tasks. We have explored the Busy Things activities on the whiteboard and used the Code-a- Pillars. Most of all we have had lots of fun together.