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School Council

Ellington Primary School - School Council 


What is the school council?

We are a group of children from Year 1 to Year 6 who are elected by their class to work with Mr Hodgson so that we make Ellington Primary School the safest, happiest and most successful school it can be!


When do we meet?

We meet every 2 weeks but we often have additional meetings with our class teachers to make sure we are on track with all our actions!


What do we do?

We get involved in all sorts of things but usually have a key focus. This year, our focus is on fund raising and creating as many opportunities as possible for parents to come into school. 


We are responsible for making sure all the ideas from our class are heard and listened to and good suggestions are acted upon. To do this we take notes and minutes in the school council meeting and feedback to our classes after the meeting.


Who are we?

The following children have been elected for the School Council by their classmates:

Year 1: Isaac and Mya

Year 2: Imogen and Ethan

Year 3: Poppy and Max

Year 4: Olly and Mollie

Year 5: Travis and Josephine 

Year 6: Heidi and Laney

School Council Visit to the Houses of Parliament! 
On February 28th, our school council visited the House of Parliament in London! 
12 children along with Mr Hodgson, Mrs Sanders, Mrs Horsley and Mr Nelson (Chair of Governors) had a fantastic day in the capital. 
We set off from Morpeth train station at 7am, arriving in London around 10:30am. We then experienced the London Eye with amazing views of London. Of course we needed some lunch, so we had a quick stop at McDonalds before heading to Westminster. 
At Westminster we had a tour which involved actually watching debates taking place in the Houses of Commons and the Houses of Lords. We were also fortunate enough to meet our local MP, Anne Marie Trevelyan whilst taking part in our very own democratic workshop. 
We then visited the Cenotaph and Trafalgar Square before the train journey back to Northumberland. We arrived back after 10pm but had an incredible day!