Sport Premium

At Ellington Primary School, we firmly believe in placing a major emphasis on improving children’s overall Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS).

Learning to: run, kick, jump and throw at an early age provides the children with a greater skill level, to participate in ‘specific sporting activities’ as they move on and into secondary education.

The subject of PE is a serious lesson, but it always an element of fun at the top the agenda. It allows the children to develop and grow in the following ways:

  • Socially: teamworking and sportsmanship
  • Cognitively: thinking skills
  • Personally and physically: challenging and encouraging a good knowledge of health and fitness
  • Creatively: allowing the children to think of their activities more creatively, for example tactics, dance or gymnastics sequence.
The fact is that when primary children are taught how to move correctly and have more physical competence they will feel more able, more confident and have more knowledge of what is needed for a healthy lifestyle.

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