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Mainstream Curriculum

We are currently in the process of developing our school curriculum. The curriculum pages on the website will reflect these changes and be updated in the summer term of 2022. 

At Ellington Primary School, we are committed to providing a purposeful, inspiring and stimulating curriculum that fully prepares learners for the next steps in their education and opens the doors to the modern, wider world. Core English and Maths skills are at the heart of all we do and our ambitious curriculum provokes curiosity and excitement.


Our curriculum drivers are at the core of everything we do and underpin our shared belief that our role is to raise children’s aspirations, develop independent thinking and tolerance.

We believe it is our responsibility to show children that there is a world of opportunities awaiting them. We also strive to encourage a love of learning, and a metacognitive understanding of how we can best learn and self-regulate, that will continue into secondary school and beyond.


Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of all of our children. We celebrate our local heritage and cultivate children’s understanding of the communities of which they are a part. Significant people have been intertwined through each area of our curriculum. These include people of local, national and international significance. The study of significant individuals brings life to our learning, meaning children are more likely to recall key facts and events.


Our sequential curriculum ensures that knowledge is cumulative. Knowledge is at the heart of each subject and linked areas of study are exploited in order to consolidate and embed learning across the curriculum.

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