School Admissions

All parents wishing to request a place at Ellington Primary School, whether they are inside or outside the catchment area served by the school, must complete an Application Form, copies of which are available from the school or the County Education Office, and return it to the school or direct to The School Admissions Team, County Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland, NE61 2EF so that they can be considered for a place in the school. Alternatively parents can apply electronically using the county council’s online facility.

The local authority also employ a Schools Adviser to help parents with the admissions process, who can be contacted by telephoning 01670 533664.

Children from Ellington Primary School, which serves the area of Ellington and Cresswell, will transfer to Ashington Academy at the age of 11. Parents of Year 6 children transferring to high school need to complete an application form or to apply online. Parents who would like their children to be considered for a nursery place should obtain an application form and further particulars from the nursery teacher or school office after the child’s second birthday.