Mission Statement

It is our intention to increase children’s knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding and, as a Community School, we encourage our children to play a full and active part in the community.

We aim to extend the children’s awareness of moral values and their capacity for enjoyment. We want them to be active participants in society and responsible contributors to it who are capable of as much independence as possible.

We aim to foster the talent, skills, intellect and creativity of the children and develop their self-esteem and confidence. We encourage good discipline and the children are taught to have respect for themselves, for other people, their property and cultures.

We want them to acquire knowledge, skills and practical abilities and the will to use them. We want them to develop qualities of mind, body, spirit, feeling and imagination and believe that they should appreciate mankind's achievements in art, music, science, technology and literature.

We believe that the children should begin to understand order and structures in society and demonstrate a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs.

We believe that children should be self-motivated and capable of being contributing members of co-operative groups. To this end a co-operative and friendly atmosphere is maintained within the school and the highest professional standards are maintained in an environment which is both safe and stimulating.