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Ellington has high expectations for pupils’ behaviour and conduct. We expect and model good manners and kindness at all times. These expectations are commonly understood and applied consistently and fairly. You will see positive behaviour and conduct across our school and all children know our school rules: Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Kind. Staff work patiently, with determination and compassion to support children who need it and to overcome any difficulties they may be experiencing.


Low-level disruption is addressed effectively. Our staff manage pupils’ behaviour well. Classroom staff and leaders make sure that pupils follow appropriate routines, following our rules consistently. The children show perseverance and resilience in lessons. Mistakes are ‘good’ and staff use the growth mindset approach to encourage the children to try their best.


Sexual violence and sexual harassment can occur between two children of any age and sex from primary to secondary stage and into colleges. It can also occur online. At Ellington, staff have been made aware of the importance of:

  • Challenging inappropriate behaviours
  • Making clear that sexual violence and sexual harassment is not acceptable, will never be tolerated and is not an inevitable part of growing up
  • Not tolerating or dismissing sexual violence or sexual harassment
  • Challenging physical behaviours
  • Dismissing or tolerating such behaviours risks normalising them