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At Ellington Primary School, we recognise that in order to provide a high-quality education, which will help prepare children for their futures in education and beyond, children must have a strong foundation in all aspects of English: reading, writing, grammar and spelling. English is at the core of our curriculum and everything we do. We aim to inspire children whilst developing and providing pupils with essential skills and knowledge that are fundamental to unlocking all subjects in the curriculum as well as exploring and understanding the world around them. High quality texts are at the centre of our English curriculum, our aspiration is that children will become lifelong readers who are enthusiastic, engaged and who love to read. We know that reading is the gateway that makes all other learning possible. Our English curriculum closely follows the aims of the National Curriculum for English 2014 and is centred around our curriculum drivers: aspirations, tolerance, and independent thinking.  

Please find below the Long Term Plan for each year group:
Parent Reading Workshops:
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Take a look at some of the opinions of our very own pupils:
"I like reading because the books take me to new places." Marnja, Year 5
"I like the range of books that are chosen in our lessons and the way we do writing helps us to build up our work, not go straight to publishing." Emelia, Year 5
"I also like the range of books. I particularly liked Beowolf and War Horse that we read last year." Joseph, Year 6
"I like using Oliver Twist because we got to learn about a time period that we've never learnt about before." Laura, Year 6
We have a very pro-active School Council at Ellington Primary School and they requested that our reading areas were improved further.
So, every class in school now has their very own amazing reading area!
These areas have been carefully created by the staff to develop spaces where the children can relax and read for pleasure. 

Book Swap Shop

We are starting a book swap shop from 16th April 2024. We have a number of books which the children can take home to read (in addition to their usual reading books) and then return to swap for another book.


Children can also bring in their old books from home and swap these for different books. The idea being that the children can swap their old books for ‘new’ ones and read a wider range of books. We will have this set up on the school yard next to the pencils on a Tuesday and Thursday at home time – weather permitting.


We will also have a table with books for parents/carers which are free to take or swap and then return.