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Spring 2024

Class Heroes 2023
We have chosen 7 individuals who we believe reflect our school values of respect, teamwork, happiness, pride, honesty and resilience.
Each class has been assigned a hero and the children will be finding out about them throughout the year. We will explore ways in which our hero has demonstrated our values, their achievements and legacies. Watch this space for updates. 
In Year 5, our hero is Nimal Purja. You can see all of the class heroes on the poster below and our special poster about Nim. 

Year 5 News 28.03.24

We recently enjoyed our Art / DT day where our focus was ‘Drawing: I Need Space.’  This unit focusesd on understanding retrofuturism, developing skills in evaluating images and creating art through various drawing processes, including collagraph printmaking. It emphasised the development of the children’s independent artistic skills and their ability to generate, test, and refine ideas in their sketchbooks, leading to a final piece of artwork.

We’ve had a great last week in school to round off Spring Term, enjoying activities, such as the Easter Egg Hunt and the Chocolate Tombola! Children and parents had a great morning at our STEM family workshop hosted by Museums Northumberland where the children set challenges for their parents to use the very clever Earl to navigate around Mars!

The children have worked incredibly hard over the past 5 weeks and should be very proud of themselves. It’s time to recharge our batteries in order to come back prepared for a busy summer term!

Another excellent week in year 5,

Have a fantastic Easter break everyone!

Mr Todd

Year 5 News 15.03.24

We recently had a ‘Celebrating Ellington Day’ in school where we explored the history of the village. Year 5 were fortunate to be invited to Woodhorn Museum to learn about the life of miners. We had a wonderful day and participated in engaging activities such as; A Colliery Tour, Working Down in the Pit and The Pitmen Painters Workshop.

In English, we have been writing a setting description based on the story ‘Beowulf’ by Michael Morpurgo. Our SPAG focuses were parenthesis using brackets, commas or dashes and figurative language; similes, metaphors and personification. The children used their knowledge of the story and their creative imagination to describe Heorot, the Great Hall in Denmark that is owned by King Hrothgar.

In maths, we have progress onto our next unit; amounts! The children were confident to recall previous knowledge such as different types of angles and translation facts using co-ordinates on a grid. We have been using our knowledge of acute, right-angle, obtuse and reflex angles to estimate and calculate other angles. Recently, we explored how to correctly and accurately use a protractor in order to draw angles of our own.

Another excellent week in year 5, keep up the hard work everyone!

Mr Todd

Year 5 News 09.02.23

We recently celebrated NSPCC Number Day where we worked as secret detectives to solve a maths mystery. The children worked hard on their problem solving skills and were successful when working effectively as a team. We also participated in Safer Internet Day where we joined the BBC’S live lesson before completing a range of online safety activities.

In English, we created imaginative freeze frames to create ideas for our diary writing during the 1944 volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii. The children used knowledge of their senses and figurative language to write descriptive sentences. We will be writing in our diaries to note the events that occurred on this day in history.

In maths, we have progress onto our next unit; shape! The children were confident to recall previous knowledge such as properties of 2D/3D shapes, perimeter, area and measuring sides and angles. We have been using our knowledge of acute, right-angle, obtuse and reflex angles to sort shapes correctly. Recently, we explored the concepts of ‘symmetry’ and ‘irregular polygon’ to further expand our knowledge of sorting shapes based on their properties.

In science, we have reached the end of our space unit which the children worked tremendously well throughout. We can name the correct order of the planets using our secret method, explain the difference between geocentric and heliocentric models and explain how we have night and day! The children have explored theories by key scientists when learning how long it takes for the earth to fully orbit the sun and for the earth to rotate on its axis.

Another excellent week in year 5, keep up the hard work everyone!

Mr Todd

Year 5 News 26.01.24

It’s been an immensely busy start to the new year and the children have been working incredibly hard which has resulted in a very productive beginning to our spring term.

In English, we thoroughly enjoyed getting into character as a WW1 soldier where we explored informality when writing a letter home to loved one. Recently, we have been looking at the 1944 volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in which we will build up to writing a diary recount of events. The children have been creating expanding noun phrases, metaphors and similes in order to improve their descriptive writing.

In maths, we have been working hard to conquer fractions! The children are confident with recognising and defining fractions less than one, more than one and equal to one. This week we have used common numerators and denominators to calculate equivalent fractions. This has led us to be able to compare, order and calculate a variety of fractions.

Our geography topic this half term is, ‘Why are oceans important?’ We have explored the five main oceans and located them on a map alongside remembering to label the seven continents. This week, the children have created a chronological report on The Great Barrier Reef. We have learnt how important this marine wonder is as well as understanding its significance to human and animals. Did you know The Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space?

In PE, we have enjoyed our outdoor adventurous activities unit where we are developing our communication, co-operation and collaboration skills to be an effective team player during problem solving tasks.

Another excellent week in year 5, keep up the hard work everyone!

Mr Todd