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Autumn 2022

This is the PowerPoint we discussed during the Parents meeting on September 15th after the class assembly. If you would like any further information or an expectations pack then please do not hesitate to ask. 

Year 1 News - 9th December 2022

Wow! What an extremely busy couple of weeks we have had.

We have finally finished our DT project making windmills for the ‘Mouse from Amsterdam’. The children worked so hard, designing, constructing and evaluating their windmills. They may not all work but I am sure you would agree they look fantastic!

We have started our final English focus ‘Kevin the Carrot’. This week we have been performing some role-play, pretending to be Katie Carrot reporting missing Kevin Carrot to the police, giving clear descriptions of what Kevin looks like. We have also written a Character description of Kevin and we have made these into Missing Posters. The children have really enjoyed creating these and using their adjectives to describe Kevin, so Kevin can hopefully be found. For the remaining weeks before we break up we will be continuing working on ‘Kevin the Carrot’ writing explanation texts.        

We are continuing our learning on ‘Everyday Materials’ and we have been carrying out investigations to see which materials are; bendy, rigid, waterproof, absorbent, transparent and opaque. We are looking forward to investigating which material will be best to keep teddy dry in the rain next week.


In PSHE we have been learning how germs spread and ways we can prevent these spreading and the importance of this. We did a simple glitter experiment that acted as bacteria. The children shook hands and high fived each other. The different coloured glitter then spread throughout the classroom and the glitter acted as a visual representation of bacteria and how germs can be spread. We discussed the importance of washing hands with soap and the correct technique we should use when washing our hands.

We have also been working hard on our Christmas performance, singing songs and practising on stage. We look forwards to seeing you next week. Our performances are on the 15th and 16th December. Please note that the performance on the Friday is adults only.

Year 1 News - 25th November 2022

The children have worked extremely hard across all curriculum subjects the past two weeks. We have also celebrated ‘Odd Sock Day’, Anti-Bullying week and watched England in their first World Cup match against Iran.

We have continued our learning about ‘Leaf Man’ and we have written; character descriptions, instructions and our own story about Leaf Man. I am so proud of the progress they are making in English. They have been focusing very hard on their handwriting and I am sure you will agree it is starting to look amazing.

During our Maths lessons we have been continuing to work hard on our times tables. Please continue to play on TTRS at home. We have also been looking at number bonds to 5 and partitioning numbers to 5 in a variety of ways. We have been using the part-whole model and also the bar model to record our findings. We have also learned about ordinal numbers. We did lots of practical activities to practice our vocabulary, e.g. First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth.

In RE we are exploring the question ‘What do Christians believe God is like?’. We have discussed and retold the parable ‘The Lost Son’ and what this tells us about God.

In science we have continued our learning on ‘Everyday Materials’. We have started discussing properties of materials and investigating the properties different materials have.

We have also started our Christmas performance rehearsals with the Year 2 children and we have made a good start on learning some of the songs.

Year 1 News - 11th November 2022

We have had another fantastic couple of weeks in Year 1. Thank you so much to those parents who are reading regularly with their children at home. Please remember that the most important book to read are their phonics Book Bag Books. Please try and read these three times a week to build on fluency and recall. We are going to have a big push on reading this half term in Year 1. Children that are reading their phonics books at least 3 times a week will receive dojo points and when they acquire a certain amount of dojo points they will be rewarded.                                                                                      

In Maths we have been working on measuring. We have done lots of work on weight/mass, length/height and capacity/volume using non-standard measures. The children loved the practical lessons going around and weighing/measuring the length of objects found inside the classroom. 

This week I have given the children their usernames and passwords for Times Table Rock Stars. Please use TTRS as much as possible to help embed times tables.

We have started our new topic lesson in History. We have learnt that history is the study of the past. We have been looking at how shopping has changed over the years. The children loved learning about the different shops and were amazed that there haven’t always been supermarkets!

Year 1 News -  October 7th 2022

We have had another couple of busy weeks in Year 1. The children have now fully settled into whole class teaching and they are making brilliant progress already.

Last week we finished out English book ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. The children had great fun, retelling the story, acting it out and creating story maps before having a go at re-writing the story. The children all produced some fabulous writing and I am very proud of them all.

This week we have started looking at our new English book ‘I Want My Hat Back’. We received a letter on Monday from bear asking us if we had seen his hat and asking the children to help Bear find it. Over the next two weeks we will be doing lots of work on questions. How to identify them, ask them and write them using the correct punctuation.

In Maths the children are working hard on numbers within 100. We have been comparing numbers, using greater than, less than and equal to. We have also started looking at number lines and 100 squares. Please practise counting to 100 in 1s. If your child can already do this, then please practise counting in 10s and 5s.

In topic we have been exploring our Local Environment and looking at physical and human features found in Ellington. It would be great if you could ask your child to explain what physical features and human features means.

In science we have continued looking at working scientifically. We have already looked at how to ask scientific questions, gather data and interpret and analyse data. I think you would agree we have been extremely busy!

Mrs Horsley

Year 1 - Friday 23rd September 2022

What a fantastic start to Year 1. The children have all settled really well into their new class and have adapted well into their new whole class teaching lessons.

We have dived straight in to our phonics, English and maths lessons and have already been so busy. 

In English we are studying the book ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. I have been so impressed with their sequencing, performing and labelling of the book so far.

 In maths we have worked on our fast recall of number bonds to 5, subitising of 5 and we have started looking at ways to make 6,7,8 and 9. We have used a range of new mathematical manipulatives to help us. 

Thank you so much for coming and watching your child/children in their class performance. They all did wonderfully telling you about one of our school values ‘Happiness’. I hope the parent meeting was useful and please be in touch if I can support in any way.

Mrs Horsley