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Spring 2023

 Year 6 News 24.3.23

Year 6 have been working on practise SATs – the last ones before the real thing in May. In maths, we have started working on angles and revising some of the work covered in Year 4 and Year 5 before embarking on the trickier Year 6 content. We are pretty great at measuring using protractors now and estimating angles too.

English has been very exciting! We have been writing persuasive texts, advertising a ‘Pandora’ theme park. Some of the resorts sound literally ‘out of this world’ and Miss Gray would happily spend the Easter holidays at a few of them!

In geography, we have been finding out about different types of energy and how countries generate and trade energy. We have learned about the benefits and drawbacks of various energy sources and decided which is best and why.

Our PSHE lessons on citizenship have focused on human rights, particularly the work of Malala Yousufzai. Year 6 have researched the life of Malala and looked at which of human rights she fought to protect.

We celebrated ‘Red Nose Day’ 2023 (for Comic Relief) in style, with a themed scavenger hunt. Our winner was Miles! We also had a competition for an Easter egg, based on hard work for Miss Brooks and Mrs Sayer, and Aiden and Nathaniel H were the winners. Well done to all 

Year 6 News 10.3.23

Spring is finally in the air and Year 6 are in the final push towards the SATs tests in May. In reading, we have been honing our skimming and scanning skills and playing games to support us in understanding tricky vocabulary. Our writing has been based on an animation called ‘The Piano’. We have used this to write flashback stories.

We have started our new science unit – The Circulatory System and are getting to grips with the new vocabulary and key terms. So far we have learned that the heart is a vital organ and that its role in the body is to pump oxygenated bloody to organs and then return deoxygenated blood to the lungs. In the coming weeks, we will be investigating how exercise affects your pulse rate.

Last week we very much enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. We had some smashing costumes and the children enjoyed writing two sentence horror stories. We also learned a poem by Maya Angelou  - ‘And Still I Rise’. You can hear our rendition by scanning the QR code.

We very much enjoyed The Wind in the Willows workshop and performance this week. Year 6 were brilliant throughout and we seem to have some aspiring actors in our midst.

Year 6 News 17.2.23

We have been busy doing some practice SATs tests in Year 6 over the last couple of weeks. In addition to this, we have now finished reading Private Peaceful – what a book! Year 6 highly recommend the story as it kept us guessing about the fate of Tommo and Charlie right up to the last chapter. This has inspired some of the class to seek out other stories by Michael Morpurgo – this will be great to boost our number of reads for the reading challenge.

In maths we have been focusing on decimal numbers. So far, this has been revision from Year 5 but we will soon be embarking on multiplication and division with decimals up to 3 decimal places.

In history we have looked at how the role of women changed during WWII and examined the types of jobs women did to support the war effort. Year 6 had variying opinions about the properganda empolyed.

Finally, we have conculded our science unit about ‘light’ with an experiment into reflection. We have used our findings to create periscopes and used them to look around corners!

Have a happy, restful and safe half term everyone.

Year 6 News 3.2.23

We have packed loads into the first four weeks of the Spring Term! First of all, we are thoroughly enjoying our class reading text – Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo. Miss Gray has never heard the class be so quiet and attentive as when we are reading about Charlie and Tommo Peaceful and their experiences of trench warfare in WWI Ypres. We will be using the story as a stimulus for writing letters, later in the term. However, we are currently in the middle of writing discussion texts around migration, asylum seekers and refugees. This has been inspired by ‘The Arrival’  - a picture book by Shaun Tan where a man has to leave his family behind in a country where ‘monsters’ govern.

In maths we are learning how to multiply and divide fractions and how to find fractions of amounts too. It’s tricky but Y6 are more than up to the challenge!

In history, we are learning about the causes and consequences of World War II (a great link to prior events in Private Peaceful). We have discovered how the aftermath of WWI left Germany open to a dictatorship and the events that followed. This week we have been finding out about life during WWII in Great Britain and in particular, how children were evacuated from their homes in towns and cities.

Science continues to focus around ‘light’. We know how light travels and how we see objects. We have even looked at the structure of the human eye and the functions of the different parts.