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Spring 2023

10th March 2023

What an exciting and busy fortnight we have had! Last Friday, Simon Hodgson (Harry’s Dad) and two local police officers came in to talk to us about their jobs and roles within their workplace. We thoroughly enjoyed having Simon in teaching us all about police dog handling. We had the pleasure of meeting Simon’s police dogs, Norman and Clay. Norman came into our classroom and showed us how good he is at his job. We hid a tennis ball in the classroom and Norman was super quick finding it. What a clever boy! We then went outside to meet Clay; he demonstrated how he could speak and Simon told us about all the important jobs he does to help catch criminals. What a noisy boy!

The children had a brilliant afternoon of learning and the added extra of trying on Simon’s police hat and finding out lots about his uniform. Thank you Simon!

This week we have celebrated World Book Day. It was fantastic to see all children dressed up as a book character. We had a full day of sharing books, in the classroom and in the school library. We learned about Michael Rosen a famous poet and author. He wrote ‘Were going on a bear hunt’ and many more famous books. We performed ‘Were going on a Beat Hunt’ using actions and different voices and sounds to make it interesting. We also learned another of his poems ‘Yesterday’. The children loved learning this poem because it does not make sense.

We then had a zoom lesson with Swapna Hadow and Sheena Dempsey, the author and illustrator of the World Book Day Book 2023 ‘Dave Pigeon Bookshop Mayhem’. We took part in a draw along session with Sheena and drew our own Dave the Pigeons.

Finally, we have had a theatre company come into school to perform ‘Wind in the Willows’. The children all had a singing workshop and Oliver from our class got chosen to do the acting workshop and to perform on stage alongside other children from different year groups. He did amazingly and the singing from Year 1 was brilliant! The children had an excellent morning and smiled from start to finish.                                                 

17th February 2023

What a fantastic half term we have had. In English, the children have really enjoyed their class read ‘Room on the Broom’. They have all written and published amazing stories for this and they should be very proud of themselves. We have now started our new book ‘Mrs Mole, I’m Home!’ We have been learning some new things like contractions and conjunctions.

In Maths, we have continued learning all about equations. We have been trying to find the missing number in the equations. We have been creating part whole models to work the missing number. We will continue to work on this after half term to consolidate our understanding.

This half term in Science, we have learned all about ‘Animals including Humans’. We have looked at different animal groups, characteristics and diets. We have learn a song about Carnivores, Omnivores and Herbivores. Please ask your child to sing this you will be blown away!

In Geography, we have continued learning about the continents, oceans and animals that live there. We have now grouped animals by their continents and placed these on our class word map! The children all produced brilliant homework about endangered animal’s too, so thank you for taking your time to complete this with them.

Over the half term, please continue reading daily to build up speed and fluency. As well as this, please try to get on TTRS. They are getting fast with their 10 times tables and should be well on their way with learning their 2 times tables.


3rd February 2023

The last two weeks have been very busy in Year 1. In English, the children have loved learning the story ‘Room on the Broom’. We have added actions to the words to help us memorise the story and we have now started writing our stories up using the actions to help us remember the order of the story. I am so impressed with the vocabulary they are using and their handwriting has improved amazingly. 

In Maths, we have been learning all about equations. We have learned that we make an addition equation by; addend + addend = sum. From this we were then able to work out the missing sum and have now moved on to finding the missing addend.

In PSHE we have been learning how and when to call the emergency services. We discussed different scenarios and if they were an emergency or not. We then discussed that if there was an emergency at home that when we ring 999 we would need to know our address. The children were all starting to remember where they lived; house number, street name and village. Please continue to practise this at home with your child so that they are confident in knowing where they live. I also sent out a letter discussing things that could be done at home in case of an emergency. Please find time to read this and discuss with your child.