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Spring 2024

Class Heroes 2024
We have chosen 7 individuals who we believe reflect our school values of respect, teamwork, happiness, pride, honesty and resilience.
Each class has been assigned a hero and the children will be finding out about them throughout the year. We will explore ways in which our hero has demonstrated our values, their achievements and legacies. Watch this space for updates. 
In Year 2, our hero is Dan Burn from Newcastle United. View our special poster about Dan himself below.
To finish off another great term, Year 2 enjoyed a day filled with Easter activities and chocolate treats. Check out some of our Easter Arts and Crafts below!  

Year 2 News – 28th March 2024


This term Year 2 have created some brilliant pieces of writing, they created a letter to the crayons when they decided to quit, wrote a beautiful setting description of the Tin Forest and recently have finished writing an ending to the traditional tale ‘The Princess and the Pea’ but our endings had a great twist as the traditional tale went completely wrong! Some very creative ideas, we even had a princess werewolf!


In Maths, Year 2 have been working on their rapid recall during our daily CLIC sessions and we have also looked at temperature on a thermometer, money, properties of shapes as well as fractions, telling the time and lines of symmetry.


Year 2 have loved our Geography unit, we have been looking at ‘Why is our World Wonderful?’ Within this unit of work, the children have been introduced to famous landmarks, sketch maps and an investigation which looked at natural habitats and why they are special. The children also recapped their prior knowledge of the seven continents, the five oceans and the capital cities in the United Kingdom. One of our lessons focused on ‘Where are some of the world’s most amazing places?’ The children enjoyed looking at the different places around the world and shared their interests, we discussed why we would want to visit these amazing places and looked at many different photos and videos. Some of the places included: The Great Pyramid of Giza, Mount Erebus, Statue of Liberty, Mount Etna, Great Wall of China, Amazon Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.


Our Computing unit this term focused on digital photography, the children learnt the difference between ‘portrait’ and ‘landscape’ and learnt the best way to take a clear photograph. The children worked together to take photographs of items around the classroom.


In our Music unit ‘Musically Me’, the children learnt a short song and added actions, they then used different musical instruments to create a short performance. The performances were great and the children had lots of fun using the different instruments!


In the last week of term, we had a special visit from Reverend Jules. Following on from our learning in RE, where we have been looking at ‘Why is Easter important to Christians?’ Reverend Jules showed the children the Easter story, and then taught us about different Easter traditions around the world. Year 2, participated in all the actives and gave some excellent answers. We also tried the special bread made from just flour and water!


Miss Brooks

Year 2 News – 15th March 2024


Another super week in Year 2!


Last week we won the attendance award again which is fantastic, let’s keep it up Year 2!! 



In English, we have finished our unit on ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, the children loved this book by Drew Daywalt and they created some superb letters informing The Crayons that Year 2 need them back. I would like to report that all Crayons have returned and they brought us Jelly Beans! It was great to see Green and Blue Crayon showing up on World Book Day too. 


We had some great characters for World Book Day, the costumes were super and the children had a lovely day. We shared our favourite stories and characters, completed a live drawing lesson with John Patrick Green and finished off our day by joining Year 5 in the library for some reading time.


We took part in ‘Celebrating Ellington Day’, we had a day jam-packed with activities. We interviewed Mrs Sayer and Mr Liddle who both went to school in Ellington, we asked them many questions about how schools have changed and we heard many fantastic stories. We also took a trip to the old primary school which was the first school built in Ellington in 1837, it is now the local village hall. Mr Jackson helped us with our learning as he told us some very interesting facts about the village and how it has changed over the years. To complete our day of learning about schools in the past, we all created a picture of an old school using either chalk, pastel or sketching pencils.


As part of our Curriculum Enrichment, we took a trip to the Discovery Museum. In the Museum we explored many different trails and discovered new, exciting experiments in the Science Maze. During our visit to the museum, we completed a scavenger hunt and answered questions based on the trials we had visited. We even spotted items that belonged to an old Victorian Classroom which linked brilliantly with our Celebrating Ellington topic.


Another trip took us to Ashington Leisure Centre, we participated in a carousel of events working with Wansbeck Gymnastic Club. We wowed Miss Brooks and Mrs Curtis with our amazing gymnastics skills and super behaviour which we demonstrated while representing Ellington School.


On Wednesday, we loved the performance of ‘The Gentle Giant’, we even had Leah from Year 2 taking part in the show! Wow! Everyone participated and had a great morning singing all the newly learnt songs and watching the show.


Miss Brooks


Year 2 News - 9th February 2024


We have begun our new English unit, ‘The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward. We are working up to writing a setting description of the beautiful forest, we entered our own classroom forest to help us explore our senses and have been working super hard on identifying adjectives, nouns and verbs.


During story time we have been reading a range of different stories and adding these to our new scrapbook ‘100 Books to Read before Leaving Ellington’. The books cover a variety of different topics and we have loved them all so far!  The children are encouraged to read every day, at home and at school.


We took part in NSPCC Number Day, we completed a range of different activities and battled it out on TTRS. We used our teamwork skills and in teams we raced against each other to see who could solve their mystery first! All of the children worked super hard and had fun while solving some hard maths questions! In our Maths lessons we have started looking at Fractions and in our CLIC sessions we have started to learn our 3x times table. Keep practising on TTRS at home!



On Tuesday 6th February it was Safer Internet Day and we talked about the importance of online safety. We looked at positive changes online and the ways technology can affect how we think and feel both online and offline. We have learned the importance of ‘STOP, CLOSE and TELL’ when we see something online that makes us feel upset, uncomfortable or scared. We used lots of different stories, scenarios and activities which led our internet safety discussion.


Next week, we will be taking part in a virtual lesson about Plastic Pollution. This is part of our Curriculum Enrichment, as a class we will be discussing Plastic Pollution and how it affects our environment. There will be a range of fun, engaging activities to complete and we will also be out collecting any plastic rubbish we see around school!


Miss Brooks

Year 2 News – 9th January 2024


Year 2 have had a busy week!


Our first week back we won the attendance award in assembly, we claimed our reward this week and enjoyed a lovely story in the library with juice and biscuits!


In English, we have been working together to write a newspaper report on Traction Man, this is our first time writing a newspaper report and we have worked super hard on learning the features – we even learnt a new dance to help us.


We are loving our learning in History, we are working towards answering our big question which is ‘How did we learn to fly?’ Here are some of the people with historical significance that we have been learning about: The Wright Brothers, Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong.


In Science, our new topic this term is materials, we have been on a material hunt and a walk around our local area to see how many different materials we could spot. We have spent time grouping, sorting and learning the properties of different materials as well as looking at what it what it means for a material to be natural, man-made and recyclable. Our Art unit this term links to our learning in science as we are looking at using different materials to make a range of textures, we can’t wait to show you our final piece. Year 5 also taught us Ellington Primary School’s science definition which we have been practising in our own science lessons.


We began our new PSHE unit this week, we are looking at Safety and changes to the body. We began by looking at the difference between surprises and secrets!


In PE we have been working as a team to create a fantastic gymnastics routine, we explored different ways to move in and out of a roll on the floor and on the apparatus then we tried a range of ways to develop our ‘linking’. Once we had perfected our routine we performed it for Mrs Curtis who thought it was brilliant! Well done you wonderful gymnasts.



In Computing we wowed Miss Brooks with our knowledge of technology, we created information posters to display our fantastic ideas. Take a look at some of our posters below: 


Miss Brooks