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Summer 2023

Year 6 News 19.5.23

Year 6 are now a week post-SATs and are enjoying a break from tests. We still have so much to learn and fit into our final few weeks at Ellington Primary School.

In English, we have started to read Once by Morris Gleitzman and we are really enjoying the book so far. We have used the front cover (as well as alternative covers from different print runs and countries) to make predictions about the themes of the story. So far, we know it is about a Jewish boy called Felix who lives in Poland in 1942. We have linked this to the work we did about WWII to infer that life for Felix will be incredibly difficult.

In writing we have started to plan and write our reports about The Yellow Spotted Lizard from ‘Holes’. We have analysed the features of a successful example and then found the information necessary from the story itself. We are aiming to publish our work by next week.

We have had a big focus on PSHE, particularly Economic Wellbeing. In this unit we have learned about how to take care of our money, the pros and cons of spending and saving as well as looking to the future at possible careers and the skills we need to develop to be successful. It’s also been valuable to explore how different jobs link to our school values and to wider British Values too.

Year 6 are getting very excited about their impending residential to Ford Castle after half term. I’m sure there will be an update (and lots of photographs of our adventures) in our next newsletter instalment.

Year 6 News 5.5.23

We have finally finished reading ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. Year 6 were so keen to have story time that they were begging Miss Gray to continue reading. It’s safe to say they loved it and are now ‘Sachar fans’! We loved it so much that we will be writing about the dreaded yellow-spotted lizards in the coming weeks.


We have launched Accelerated Reader in school and Miss Gray has challenged the class to read (a collaborative) 5 MILLION words by the end of the school year. They are very excited and have already made a dent in this number!

We have been making some glorious crowns to celebrate the King’s coronation. The enjoyed learning about the St Edward’s Crown and also had a go at drawing one too.


It’s almost time for Year 6 to take their SATs tests! Everyone at Ellington Primary School wishes them the very best of luck and we are sure they will try their best. Our class is full of characters, with talents and skills which aren’t tested: footballers, crocheters, artists, dancers, athletes, historians and curious scientists.

Smash it Year 6!

Miss Gray