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Spring 2023

Friday 24th March
Dear Parents and Carers,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all parents and carers that attended the Parent Teacher Interviews on Wednesday (22nd March). It was a fantastic opportunity to tell you all how fantastic your children are and to talk to you about all the progress they have made since September.
We have had an incredibly busy fortnight. I wanted to thank all parents that contributed to the collection for Red Nose Day. We had a brilliant time doing our team races on the day. The children worked in teams of four to complete a short obstacle course involving hurdles, throwing quoits and commando crawling through camouflage net.
In terms of learning, we had assessment week last week where the children completed SAT papers from previous years. The actual SATS will take place throughout the month of May, so if you are going away on holiday during that month please let us know so we can timetable your child to complete the assessments before or after they go.
As well as this, in English, the children wrote some really impressive character descriptions based around Traction Man. In Maths we have been looking at division by sharing, finding missing factors from multiplication and division calculations as well as doubling and halving and odd and even numbers.
In Geography we have been comparing the topography and vegetation in Ellington to a town called Bisbee in Arizona, USA.

In PSHE we have been looking at the importance of rules inside school and also in the wider world.
In RE the children have been learning about aspects of the Easter festival and in Music we have been continuing with our lessons with Mr Burns including looking at various genres of music including electronic, rock and classical.


Mr McConvile
Friday 10th March
Dear Parents and Carers,

Hope you are all well. It's been a busy first two weeks back after the half term. We have now organised our school trip to Whitehouse Farm after we completed our Geography unit on farming. You should receive the letter outlining timings and cost over the next couple of days if you have not already done so.
We also had a fantastic time on World Book Day. There were some brilliant costumes and the children really enjoyed performing and writing poetry in the style of Joshua Siegel. This week we also watched a brilliant performance of Wind in the Willows where some of our class were asked to join in with the performance! There was some excellent acting on show!
In English we have been writing character descriptions about the superhero Traction Man. We have been editing our work to ensure it is well punctuated and informative for the reader.
In Maths we have continued with our work on Multiplication including times tables and we are now starting to look at division by grouping and sharing.
In Science, we have continued with our unit on animals including humans. We have looked at hand hygiene, food hygiene and we have started to look at how animals have offspring in different ways as well as the differences between babies and toddlers.
Our new unit in Geography is 'A Road Trip Across The USA' we have recapped the names and locations of the seven Continents as well as identifying the USA on the map of North America, the bordering countries, the surrounding oceans as well as naming and locating some major cities.
Finally, in DT we have built on the Year 1 unit of wheels and axels by starting to study Ferris wheels which we are going to design and build.
Thanks and have a lovely weekend,
Mr McConville

Friday 17th February

Dear Parents and Carers,

First of all I hope all of you and your families have an enjoyable and restful holiday. We are now over half way though the year! We have lots to look forward to. I have booked the class a trip to Whitehouse Farm in April after how much they enjoyed their Geography topic on farms and farming. You will receive a letter about this after the holiday. We have had another couple of busy weeks in class. 

In Maths, we have started our work on Multiplication and Division. We have been identifying equal and unequal groups as well as starting to write repeated addition number sentences and multiplication number sentences to represent equal groups.

In English, we completed our work on The Tin forest by writing our own adventure stories. The children have now been introduced to their book ready for after the holidays, Traction Man by Minnie Grey. We have been looking at his character traits as well as his appearance and did some hot seating with children playing the role of Traction Man.

In Science we have been looking at the importance of exercise and how it changes our body. We have also looked at the importance of hand hygiene in helping to stay healthy.

In History, we have now completed our unit on nursing. We have looked at the lives of Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and Edith Cavell and looked at the similarities and differences between them.

In PE Mr Robertson has been continuing with dance lessons for Year 2. I believe they will potentially be starting football sessions with him after the half term.     

In Art, we have continued our look at working in a range of media in the context of Pop Art. The children completed another Pop Art picture using a collage of bits of comic books as well as using pastels. We have also looked at how comic book illustrators can change how they draw eyes, eyebrows and mouths to show how comic book characters are feeling.

Finally, in PSHE we have been looking at how to stay safe on the road and around medicine.


Mr McConville

Week Beginning 30th January
Dear Parents and Carers,

I can’t believe we are now so close to being halfway through the
academic year! Year 2 have continued to be working incredibly hard across all areas of the

In English, we have been reading The Tin Forest, we have been inspired by the beautiful
illustrations and story to help write fantastic place setting descriptions. We have been
following The Ellington Writing journey where the children have written a first draft, have
self-edited and then published their writing.

In Maths, we have just about finished our work on addition and subtraction and we are now
moving onto looking at introduction to multiplication and division structures.
In History, the children have been really enjoying our new unit of work on the history of
nursing. We have been studying the lives of Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole and we will
look at Edith Cavell next week. We have looked at artefacts that tell historians about their

In Art we have been studying the work of ‘Pop Artist’ Roy Lichtenstein. We have looked at
how he has used bold lines, Ben Day Dots and bright colours to bring his work to life. Children
have worked in different mediums with felt tip, paint and we will next week be using collage
by cutting out parts of comic books to stick onto our artwork. If you have any old comic
books, please send them into school.

In PE with Mr Robertson, the children have been learning different types of dances which they
have really been enjoying.
With Miss Brooks, the children have been completing work on the second half of our topic on
Islam. The children have been looking at the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.
Finally, in Computing, we have been learning about robot algorithms. We have been seeing
the importance of the order we enter the instructions we programme into our Doc Robots by
seeing where they end up on a map.