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Autumn 2022

Click on the video below to watch the presentation from our Year 3 Welcome Meeting, containing key information on our class. 
Friday 23rd December 2022
What a busy two weeks!

We have continued to be very busy in lessons. We have published our alternative endings for ‘The Lost Happy Endings’ book. They look fabulous written in the ‘night sky’ in gold or silver pens as the character does in the book. We were really impressed with the excellent handwriting.
We have been finding out about the Bronze Age in history. We have had great fun making our own clay torcs which could be worn as bracelets.

I’m sure that you will agree that our singing during the carol concerts was superb.
We all looked fabulous and had lots of fun at our Christmas party!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
Friday 9th December 2023
We are starting to get excited about Christmas in Year 3. The pantomime was a great way to start the fun!
In English, we are continuing to work on ‘The Lost Happy Endings’. We are planning to write our own endings for the book next week, and we have lots of inventive ideas about what could happen to the evil witch! We also enjoyed visiting the school library. We had some chocolate cake as we happened to be at the Bruce Bogtrotter chapter in Matilda!

In maths we have been continuing to develop our skills with mental calculations and we have continued to learn our times tables. We are very enthusiastic about joining in with the ‘Supermovers’ dances on the BBC website!

In history, we have been learning about the Stone Age. This week, we wrote diary entries as a Stone Age child. Our art lessons have also linked to the Stone Age, as we have experimented with some of the materials that would have been available to people then. We have worked in charcoal and we explored how natural products can be used to make different colours.

We have been getting to grips with all the lovely carols that we will be singing at the Carol Concert in a couple of weeks and we can’t wait to share them with you! There are so many confident singers in the class and we have started to work on small group and solo parts for the songs as well.
Friday 25th November 2022
Another exciting and busy two weeks in Year 3. We have enjoyed lots of fun events to mark Anti-bullying week, Children in Need and England’s first game in the football World Cup. We also took part an activity to mark Parliament Week. We researched our local MP and made some informative fact files about her.
In English, we completed our work on ‘Matilda’ by publishing the persuasive letters that we had written in the character of ‘Miss Trunchbull’. On Monday, we were surprised to find a peculiar washing line had appeared in the classroom. It had a mysterious scroll hanging from it which told us a little bit about our next text, ‘The Lost Happy Endings’. We discovered the book in a basket of washing!
In maths we have been working hard on using mental methods to add and subtract some large numbers. We are also getting really good at our 3 times table.
In music we have been getting to grips with playing the glockenspiel, including reading notation from the screen.
In computing we have started learning about stop-motion animation and in future weeks we hope to be able to share some of our animations with you.
In religious education, we enjoyed acting out parts of the story of Noah’s Ark.
11th November 2022

Over the last two weeks, we have been enjoying getting stuck into our new book in English lessons, which is the classic ‘Matilda’ by Roald Dahl. We are working towards writing a letter in the voice of Miss Trunchbull and it is great fun replicating some of the language she uses about the children! Our first Matilda session was spent in the library (Matilda’s favourite place in the world), exploring items from the story.

In maths, we are continuing to strengthen our understanding of 3-digit numbers. This week, this included creating a huge unmarked number line on the MUGA and estimating where we thought different 3 digit numbers should be placed. It is a tricky skill to master but the class are working hard on it as usual!

Have a look at some of our early sketchbook work from our new art unit all about prehistoric art! This work was by Isaac, Ava, Eryn, Oscar, Amelie I.

This ties in with our new history topic about the Stone Age, Iron Age and Bronze Age.

We have also started a new topic in RE called ‘People of God’, which is stories from the Old Testament showcasing figures who set a good example of behaviour and listen to God.

In PE this half term we are developing our gymnastics skills, and we are already performing confident routines using balancing skills.

21st October 2022
Time has flown past, and it is hard to believe that we are already at half term! It has been great to get to know the class better and they have impressed us every day.
The last two weeks of English have focused on a fantastic animation called ‘Once in a Lifetime’ which really captured the children’s imaginations, and they have written some excellent news articles about the events. I wonder if they can recount them to you? We also loved our hour in the beautiful new school library and we’re looking forward to next half term’s slot!

In maths, we have continued to focus on place value, and using this to help us do a range of additions and subtractions without the need for formal written methods! I have been impressed every week with the children’s arithmetic skills and they are getting so good at explaining their reasoning.

Computing this half term has involved learning about digital devices and how they are connected to networks. The children enjoyed designing toys demonstrating their understanding of input and output devices, as well as drawing their own personal networks and even role playing the different devices in a network!

In music, we have been working towards a performance of the original song ‘Reach the Skies’ and have particularly enjoyed learning some initial skills on the glockenspiel. We are very hopeful that we will record and share this performance with you on Class Dojo very soon.

Have an enjoyable and restful half term break!

7th October 2022

Another busy two weeks in Year 3!

In English, we completed our work on ‘The Tunnel’ by publishing our setting descriptions. The children produced work of an extremely high quality and were very proud of themselves.

We then began our new unit of work, which is based on a film clip called ‘Once in a Lifetime’. We thought about ‘Once in a Lifetime’ experiences and tried out the explorer’s airship to predict what he was looking at through his telescope. We had some wonderful ideas!

In Religious Education, we are learning about the Christian story of the Creation. We talked about how Christians say thank you to God for providing their food. We had a discussion about what we are thankful for in our lives.

Our popular food technology unit on seasonal produce concluded as we learnt more about food hygiene and made ‘Rainbow Pizzas’. They were delicious!

19th September 2022

We have had a wonderful first two weeks in Year 3! All of the children came back to school full of smiles and enthusiasm to learn.

Last week we spent some time thinking about our school values. Our class focused on the value of honesty. We are looking forward to showing you some of our work in our class assembly.

In English we have started our new text ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne. The first morning started with us having lots of fun exploring a tunnel in our classroom!

Our maths work has focused on consolidating our skills with addition and subtraction, including lots of practical activities.

Work in Geography has been to locate Ellington within the UK and we have revised lots of geographical vocabulary.

We also had an exciting Food Technology lesson where we found out about the climates needed to grow different fruits. We then prepared the fruits and made delicious fruit skewers!