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Summer 2023

Please click on the links below to open pdf documents outlining all of the learning for year 3 in the Summer 1 and Summer 2 half terms. 
Friday 23rd June 2023
We’ve had a great start to the final half term of the year in year 3 and we have certainly been busy! We have just finished writing instructions for building junk model robots in English, after building our own robots one afternoon! This was all based on a lovely animation that we enjoyed called ‘Girl and Robot’. We are continuing to enjoy reading ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and we are all rooting for Hiccup and Toothless!
In maths, we are now coming to the end of our work on fractions. This has been a challenging unit of work but we are starting to really get to grips with fractions now, and have been learning how to compare, add and subtract them this week using a range of practical equipment and different models and diagrams to help us.

Afternoons have been fully packed as well! We have started some topic lessons on Roman life. This week we were inspired to make cardboard shields and weapons when we learnt about the Roman Army.
In music, we are focusing on composing this half term and we are going to be creating pieces of music based on a mountain animation. We hope to be able to share the musical works with you towards the end of the half term.

In science, we have started learning about plants, and so far have learnt about the jobs of different parts of plants and flowers. Each table group has been given a little marigold plant to look after so we will see which table has the healthiest flower by the end of this half term!

We are looking forward to delving back into coding work in computing, as we revisit Scratch, this time working on moving the sprites around maze puzzles and using the pen tool.
Friday 19th May 2023
What a fantastic performance! We’re sure you will agree that Years 3 and 4 worked wonderfully together to create an entertaining – yet informative – musical production about bees. Over the last few weeks, the children have put in a great deal of time learning lines, listening to stage directions as well as practising songs and dance routines that we very much hope you enjoyed watching. The songs were very catchy too so no doubt you went away with a little “Bee-Bop” in your step. We’ve also had rave reviews from the staff and pupils in the rest of the school who watched the performance too. Well done to all involved! 
Friday 5th May 2023
It’s hard to believe that we are already well into the summer term, and year 3 have had a really positive start. In English, we wrote some amazing yeti biographies and we have just started a new book with fantastic artwork, ‘Leon and the Place Between’. The class explored some props to give them clues about the theme of the book.

Maths has been focused on column subtraction for a few weeks now, and we have been making good use of our practical ‘Dienes equipment’ to help us understand how the exchanges work in the trickier subtractions.

Our afternoon lessons have seen us doing a variety of activities, including being introduced to our new ‘Microcbit’ devices, which can be programmed to do a whole range of things, Year 3 have written programs to light up different LEDs on them as part of a DT project. In science, we have started learning about forces, recapping the different push and pull forces that we can name, and we will go on to investigate two forces in particular, friction and magnetism, using a range of practical equipment. Our geography topic for this half term is on rainforests, focusing on the Amazon. We have learnt about the different layers that are found in rainforests and we will go on to explore which groups of people live in rainforests. We have also been dedicating quite a lot of time to rehearsing for our play that is coming up in a couple of weeks’ time on the 17 th May, ‘The Bee Musical’. The songs are sounding great and many of the children already know their lines off by heart. We are excited to share our performance with you!