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Summer 2023

Reception News
19th May 2023 
It has been another busy two weeks in Reception.

We are continuing our topic ‘Growing’ and have been super excited to see how much our bean plants have grown!

In Literacy, we have been reading and learning about the story Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins. Mrs Cook is very proud of our Reception children for their fantastic writing of Rosie’s journey in the story. We then thought about our journey to school and drew pictures to represent what we see on the way to school. We also looked at Ellington on Google Maps and talked about the different places/roads/ buildings that we could recognise on the map.

This week in Literacy, our learning has been focused around the story Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Brown. The story is about a little girl called Handa going on a journey to take fruit to her friend as a surprise. But along the way Handa gets lots of different animals taking the fruit from her basket. The story got the children questioning where the different fruit comes from, we then tasted the fruits from Handa’s story.

In Maths, we have continued to work on the composition of numbers to 10. We did this by playing a game called don’t burn the sausages and then showed the working out on our fingers.

We are very lucky this term to have Mr Burns who comes into school every Thursday afternoon to teach us music. We have enjoyed singing, finding the pulse in music, clapping the syllables in our name and singing to the beat of the music. Mr Burns also plays the trumpet for us!

In PSHE, we worked on our listening and friendship skills. We designed a party hat for our friend but we did not just colour it in any colour. We had to ask our friend questions about how they would like their party hat design. We showed super listening skills to our friends!

Reception News
5th May 2023
We have had a very busy and exciting time in Reception since returning from our Easter holidays. We went on a school trip to Beamish. We thoroughly enjoyed exploring in the Pit Village, the Victorian school, the old houses and the 1950s Town, it was very interesting learning about the history of what places used to look like!

Our new topic is called ‘Ready, Steady, Grow’ and we have been reading and learning about one of Mrs Cook’s favourite stories… Jack and the Beanstalk. Last week, we planted our very own bean plant and we have been watering our plants every day. In Literacy, we have been learning about the life cycle of a bean plant. We ordered the lifecycle and did some writing of what happens at each stage. We also did some writing of the character Jack, in the story. Mrs Cook is super impressed with Reception for their amazing writing. We also used our fantastic colouring skills to colour and then sequence the different parts of the Jack and the Beanstalk story. Mrs Cook then videoed us on the iPad retelling the story.

In Maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes. We matched different items to the correct shape of either a cylinder, a cuboid, a cone or a sphere. We have also been learning about our number bonds and even and odd numbers.

In RE, our new topic is ‘Which places are special and why?’ We talked about our favourite place in school… The classroom, the outdoor classroom, the big yard and the hall where we have our lunch. We said which was our favourite place and why. In circle time, we then talked about our favourite place outside of school and why that place was our favourite!